1010! review

My friend and I were in the deck of our condo one night when suddenly, we ran out of topic to discuss about lead us to have an awkward silence between us. He, then, brought out his Iphone from his pocket and began playing something with cubes and squares and the like on its screen. In my mind, I asked why is he playing that kind of game that only allows its users to place multiple blocks into a grid. As I watched him play, I already assume that the app has no challenge at all. I didn’t expect that the next thing happened happened. I also played the game, try to beat his highscore and downloaded it in my own tab! I can’t believe I was enjoying. Thanks to this app. We didn’t just have a topic to talk about but we also have a game to kill our time.

1010!, the game application I’m talking about, is a summoning game with a simple gameplay. GramGames, its developer, described it as a game easy to learn and fun to master which I absolutely agree. Let’s start with the mechanics. You were given blocks in different shapes to drop them into a 10 by  10 grid, which I assume the reason why it’s called 1010! When you succeeded filling a row or column with blocks, it will destroy gaining points and also space! Easy, right? But you have to fit them properly because as I said, they’re created in different naughty shapes. If you won’t be able to fit the block given to you, then the game is over.

I can’t help but compare it to Tetris which also has blocks that we should fit in. I thought that Tetris is harder because of the short time limit to fit the blocks in, but if you are already used to the game and already have strategies, I can’t say that it’s harder than this 1010! Yes, it has a bigger grid, the players has an unlimited time to think on how to put the blocks in the grid and they can even place those blocks in the very bottom of the grid unlike Tetris. But what makes it difficult is its bigger blocks that are hard to locate in the ten by ten grid. This made me realize that they’re different because Tetris focuses on the speed of its player while 1010! tests its players’ thinking skills. They’re both entertaining, anyway.

Addicting, yes! I always play this before I get sleepy. Entertaining, yes! With its fun colors and cute shapes, I bet you will also be entertained. Challenging, a big yes! Guess how much time I consume when deciding where to put each blocks. Overall, it’s amazing so give it a try and share your score. And beat it!1010! home

Should I be proud or ashamed of my high score?


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