8 ball pool review

This is the only game application that keeps on coming back into my life. What I mean is that I played it, and then ignored it and played it and ignored it again. And now, here I am enjoying 8 Ball Pool for the nth time. I discovered this virtual billiard on Gaia Online, maybe in the year 2010 or 2011. I got busy on school so I left Gaia, including 8 Ball Pool, for a while. School vacation gave me time to continue visiting my Gaia account, as well as the pool. Then, classes resumed until I forgot about the game. After almost two years, my friend introduced this to me. It never occurred to me that the game I played before can be downloaded on phones and tablets. I downloaded it immediately and had battles with my friend. I reached the ninth level and got bored. After months passed, I learned that it’s trending and each of my friends have it on their phones. I was like what?-you-only-play-that-game-by-now because me, I already know that for years. I should be proud.

So that’s the story between me and 8 Ball Pool. I know I shouldn’t narrate it here but I want to show how this game drove me. Honestly, I enjoy Billiard, the actual sport. We had billiard table, cue sticks, ball and all before and I’m usually present when someone’s playing. I also find myself watching the same sport on TV. Maybe, this tries to appeal on my sense of interest. But this, perhaps, is the reason why this game easily caught my heart. However, what makes it more exciting is the challenge that it gives. Though we are in our own houses, I can bond with a friend through this. Even my not-so-close friends talk to me with 8 Ball Pool as a topic, asking me for coins or battle. There’s also a weekly ranking that will make you and your friends competitive.

The game’s totally simple. First and foremost, you need to know how the actual billiard is played ,of course, and then, we need an internet connection. Well, that’s the only disadvantage I see. By the way, once you turned it on, mini games will pop up and that’s where you get free coins and prizes. After claiming those, you can now start by choosing how you will play – play one on one, play tournament, play with friends or practice offline. Once you’re on the game proper, there are two steps to hit the cue ball and shoot the kind of ball assigned to you. First, drag the cue stick on the pool table spotting your target. Second, swipe the cue stick on the left downward depending to the power you want to apply. And it goes on until you win or lose. Well, I know, it didn’t sound addicting but try it and that’s when you’ll know.

Let me end this review with a tip, or more of a cheat. I’m so sorry, Miniclip. While I’m having consecutive losses one night, my ruler came into my view. Alas! This is my secret weapon. Yes, ruler! I’ll leave it to you on how to use though it’s obvious. Happy playing! Great job, Miniclip, for this awesome application.

8 ball pool

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