Chappie Movie Review


Aside from Baymax of Big Hero 6, there’s this another robot that I love from the day I watched him and he’s Chappie! So what and who is Chappie?

For the what question, Chappie is a science fiction film about a robot who mimics a human mind to the point of feeling emotions and having opinions. The said robot and his maker was kidnapped by a group of gangsters, Ninja, Yolandi and Amerika, who assumed that the robot have the ability to fight with them and be their thief for them to pay their debt. But when the maker, Deon, installs a software, instead of a fighter, the gangsters witnessed a robot with childlike terror. For the who question, Chappie is the fascinating robot in the movie I’m telling. Yolandi find the robot cute that made her want to mother him while the impatient Ninja and Amerika, train him in weapon handling until he was able to steal cars for them.

The flow of the story on the part when they were training Chappie was a bit slow. But the movie retrieve itself when Chappie had enough knowledge already – enough that he knows he’s going to die. The story became exciting when he started to fight for his life. Much more excitement possessed me when the antagonist, Vincent, using another robot, Moose, came to compete with Deon’s robot, who is with his companions. Even though Chappie knew that the gangsters, whom he treated as his family and his maker, lied and tricked him, he still saved them from Moose. The ending was an effective scene because it alarmed me. What if this cute robot and his family died – a question that stuck in my mind as I watched. My thought was almost true because they almost died. Thanks to Deon’s invention because these made them live longer, but not in human form. I guess, you have the idea on how they live after, right?

I heard a few bad reviews about its filmmaking and its plot, saying that its cliche. Yeah, I noticed some of it, but hey, I don’t care. Chappie is the star here so my only focus is on him. The producers of this movie reached their goal of making Chappie memorable for their audiences, like me. With a titanium body and a child’s mind, Chappie is just too captivating. How could I forget him, right? He does a lot of good doings in his role. It was fun to watch him grow up rapidly during the movie.

Three films into his career, Blomkamp has proven himself as a storyteller with a lot on his mind. He is clearly a man of ideas. I’m also glad they got Ripley, Wolverine and Die Antwoord. The movie was amazing. I was hopping for another one. Kudos to the director and the staff behind Chappie!


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