A Walk Through Angelicum College


Who wants to experience a non-graded and no marking system of education? Me! I don’t know how it feels to be in that kind of system but I think it’s good. Admit it or not, most students just study for grades because for them, it is the indicator of one’s intelligence. However, Angelicum College believes the opposite. That’s why Angelicum College is the first Philippine school implementing a non-graded system of education. Neither grade labels, which separates students according to age group, nor competitive or comparative evaluation system, through which the products of each child’s academic efforts are marked or rated with numbers, are used. Their primary concern is to accept and respect individual differences. This seems fun yet fair, right? Hmm! I wonder how it works here. Let’s start our investigation through a walk through Angelicum College as I tell you its stories that I know.



I’m not actually here to roam around, but instead, I’m here to work since we had this school as a shooting venue for Wang Fam, the movie where I was first seen. Duke Wang and Elenita Sera of Wang Fam, studies here, remember? In fact, we shoot a scene in a mushroom table near this area. If you could recall, that scene was when Duke gave Elenita a rose and started courting her. Anyway, I’m here because I just found this corridor that leads to their football field a perfectly simple background for picture-taking.



See the production staff and stuff in front of the St. Dominic Building? That explains our shoot here. It seems like directors like to do their job here whenever they need a school scene because I’ve seen numerous movie scenes and commercials that were shot here. Take the Lemon Square Cookie Says TVC as an example, apart from our movie. Moreover, some celebrities graduated in the said school. Anne Curtis, Sarah Geronimo, Bernadette Sembrano, Kaye Abad and Bea Alonzo takes only a portion of the list.



And this is the football field I’m saying a while ago. I’m quite envious because we don’t have a field this big in my school. We don’t have an environment as green as this, too. But I understand that we’re in Manila, a place where it’s really hard to put up trees on limited land area, like DLSU. I just admire Angelicum College for being able to have this. By the way, the building at my back is St. Thomas Building. For your information, St. Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of Angelicum College.



Angelicum College consists of three buildings, which are St. Thomas Building, St. Dominic Building and lastly, this one, St. Martin Building. I remember that we were quartered in one of its classrooms as we waited for our scene to shoot. Since I wasn’t familiar of the place that time and it seems like there’s nowhere to go, I spent my first hours in this building, discovering that it is octagon in shape. Well, I just find it amazing because it’s my first time to see one in a school.



I love that Angelicum College is proud to be a Catholic School as they provide various religious activities and programs to enhance the Christian growth and development of their community. Aside from that, the beautiful Sto. Domingo Church fronts the school. Sadly, I wasn’t able to go there so I don’t have a photo of the Sto. Domingo Church to show. I didn’t even had a photo of the facade the school since we weren’t allowed to go outside. I’m glad that I caught this image of Jesus on our way home.

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