A Walk Through University Of The Philippines Los Banos

A Walk Through University Of The Philippines Los Banos

Ranked as the 18th most beautiful college campus in the Philippines by BuzzFeed, University of the Philippines Los Banos is definitely a university, at the same time, a tourist attraction in Los Banos. I would love to stay here because it seems like it’s just a village wherein the people study here, people stay here, people spend their leisure time here. You don’t need to go out because the place is enough for you to live simply. This university, having the biggest school campus in the Philippines, possesses gorgeous statues and landmarks that you want to see.




Expect that in every UP, there is/are Oblation/s which serve/s as their iconic symbol. I, first, saw one in UP Diliman, next in UP Manila, and I noticed that they are bigger than the third Oblation that I saw, which is in UP Los Banos. Every Oblation has a history to tell and a myth to reveal. It says that UP students will never graduate if they take a photo with it, but it seems that they don’t believe in it because I when I went there, a lot of students are having a picture with it.


Nihon Koen

nihon koen

According to its marker, Nihon Koen  is a traditional Japanese garden with the Torii as the centerpiece. It symbolizes the Philippine – Japan friendship which was enhanced by strong bond and academic partnership between Filipino scholars and universities in Japan. With the beauty the hanging lanterns give night, I must say that it also serves as an attraction in the university. My friend said that if you finish the hundred steps of this cemented stairs, a wonderful and relaxing scenery of Mount Makiling will meet you.


Freedom Park

freedom park

From the name itself, Freedom Park is an open area in UPLB where you can do whatever you want to do, either it’s formal or informal. Play any sports, fly kites, jog, stroll, picnic, walk with your pets, sleep – it’s really up to you and no one’s gonna care. While staying here, you will catch a view of the the Famous Fertility, an acacia tree with rumor saying that many children have been born because of the fertile power of the tree. It is frequented by students who love to study under the shade of the tree’s canopy.


Main Library

Main Library

So yeah, here’s the main library of UPLB and I learned that this is their biggest. The replica in front is the Pegaraw, also known as the Philippines Pegasus or the winged tamaraw, sculpted by National Artist Napoleon Abueva. I have a photo of it on my camera, but it wasn’t that good because of the sun behind the building. I’m thankful that I saw a better photo of it on Flickr and decided to put it here so that you’ll appreciate the place more.


Kwek Kwek Tower

kwek kwek tower

“Look at the top of this obelisk. What does it look like?”, my friend asked me. And I answered mistakenly, “siomai.” Well, students in UPLB call this as the Kwek Kwek Tower because the one on top looks like a kwek kwek. But actually, it is the UPLB Heritage Tower, the figure above is a flame and the whole tower is a torch that symbolizes as the light of education. This tower, located at the C Park, is used to be one of the student’s favorite tambayan after class.


Marnelle Atienza

Thank you, Marnelle Atienza, from College of Agriculture, for being with me and for letting me roam around her school.

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