Animals Go Musical

I always get amazed when animals go musical on the silver screen. I know they are really cute just by themselves, what more if these creatures have the ability to entertain people through singing and dancing, right? But since I only watch them on animated films, , I have doubts that these critters can’t do the same thing on real life. Nevertheless, we don’t have to lose hope because I found out something! As I flip the pages of Total Girl Mag, I learned that researchers discovered that animals we see on the silver screen can really sing and dance. Continue reading and we’ll find out.


Singing Mice in Cinderella

Researchers learned that mice do sing. We know that mice have high-pitched voices. But what we don’t know is that these high-pitched sounds made by the small rodents could actually be melodious songs. Unfortunately, we can’t croon along with these mice because we won’t be able to hear their voices. It’s obvious that the sounds rodents make are inaudible to us, humans!


Singing and Dancing Penguins in Happy Feet

Penguins really do sing and dance, although not as well as portrayed in the movie, Happy Feet. To attract their mates, they follow their ritual wherein there is a singing part in it. As for the dancing, in a way, they do. Using their head and flippers, penguins huddle together in such a way that it looks like they’re executing dance movements. How I wish  to see them personally doing this.


Dancing Birds in Rio

Birds are known for their singing and chirping skills. How about dancing? Hmm? Think again because Snowball does. It’s a shame if you don’t know him because Snowball is an internet sensation. He’s dancing videos make people discover his unique talents. What I love about this cockatoo is that his dance moves are synchronized to the beat of the music. You rock, Snowball!


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