Art In Island: Be Part Of Art

art in island

The largest 3D art museum in Asia has finally arrived in the Philippines! And I’m glad to have a chance to visit Art in Island, the museum wherein you are part of the art. I’m really a fan of 3D art that’s why it’s pleasure for me to spend a day inside. I salute the owner of Art in Island for having this great idea and bringing a one-of-a-kind art in our country. But I salute the maķers and painters of the artworks inside even more. The Philippines must be proud for having them. The paintings were absolutely realistic and will me your photo viewers believe that you’re in the art. Aside from realistic, they are also funny to the point that you’ll love to have a photo with them.

What I like about this museum is that picture taking is allowed inside unlike the other art museum wherein all you have to do is to stare on the artworks inside. There are also staff that will assist you in taking picture so it’s alright to come alone. But I think that would be awkward. Anyways, I also love the staff because they really know where’s the right spot a photo should be taken and what’s the best pose that you should use. However, I suggest that you’ll think your own stance because the original will always be the best.

Aside from knowing these things, the staff are also industrious in mopping the floor. Well, this is important for me to keep the whole building tidy because for your information, shoes aren’t allowed inside. This is acceptable since the management want to retain cleanliness for the visitors. And take note, the rest rooms are also clean, huh.

Art in Island just opened last Christmas and having good reviews is a good start for them. To keep this up, I suggest that they’ll add more or change the artworks each year so that the people who went there already can come back again with different attractions to capture. But even if they don’t, I will still come back again and again with different groups of friend. Of course, I’ll recommend this place to them and to my readers. For the meantime, you can view my own photos in my Art in Island adventure.

painting in art in island

From the moment you’ll enter the building, this is the first art that you’ll see. It is so realistic but I made it the opposite. I was wrong for not holding the can of paint instead of this paint rollers so that the can won’t float just like that. Sorry.


mermaid in Art in Island

This is my most favorite shot! I think I had the right choice of dress color here. See? It perfectly fits to my mermaid tail.


jail in art in island

Art in Island jailed me for a second. What do they want from me?


throwing knife in art in island

After being in jail, they punished me here. Oh kidding! I’m having fun with these knives, actually.


paint in art in island

I’m stepping out of this frame, huh? I first saw this painting in the music video of Alex Gonzaga’s Panaginip Lang. Wooh! I’m glad that I’m right here in this spot today.


bottle in art in island

Speaking of Alex Gonzaga, I’m really part of her show Inday Bote. But sadly, I’m stuck inside a wrong bottle


eating fish in Art in Island

No no! Nooooo! Don’t devour me! The world still needs me.


tearing paint in art in island

Ooops! I’m sorry for tearing this masterpiece. I hope that Art in Island will forgive me.


tiger in Art in Island

When we finally got home from the museum, I searched for Art in Island and saw people having a photo with this tiger. And you know what I kept on laughing until now because they replaced the ice pop with their butt. Nice idea! It didn’t come into my mind.


eating crocodile in art in island



open mouth in Art in Island

The creatures in Art in Island really wants to eat me. Thank God I’m still alive.


chair in Art in Island

This is my second favorite photo followed by the mermaid photo above. This is one reason why I visited this art museum. Before going, I already know how this happened. But still, I’m amazed on the idea of having this magic chair in Art in Island.


pearl in Art in Island

Pearly shell from the ocean – oh hey! You caught me singing.


pandas in art in island

It’s a great opportunity to have a photo taken by him. But he doesn’t allow me to get his memory card.


umbrella in art in island

Oh no my umbrella! I have nothing to use when it’s raining.


magic carpet in art in island

I’m an epic fail again. I’m facing the wrong direction. I’m hurrying up because a lot of people wants to have a photo with this magic carpet that’s why it didn’t came into my mind if my pose was wrong or not. By the way, I enjoyed riding on Art in Island’s magic carpet.


staircase to heaven in art in island

Bye! I’m off to somewhere heavenly.


angel in art in island

Wow! This is what I saw when I went up on the stairs that was shown on the previous photo.


devil in art in island

I also saw this devil defeated by the angel above.


belen in art in island

Wanna see Baby Jesus and Mama Mary and Joseph and the three kings? Let’s come in.


pharoah in art in island

I didn’t get this painting when I’m near it. I only got it when I saw it in this photo. I hope that my mother gave it a nicer shot.


octopus in Art in Island

Hi there, Mr. octopus.


pulling brief in art in island

My mother kept on laughing at this photo, I mean, at the painting itself.


wooden bridge in Art in Island

Hey mom, be careful. We might fall.


stone bridge in Art in Island

After the wooden bridge, here are stones that serve as a bridge. Well, I want to stay here in this wonderful place.


stairs in Art in Island

I wonder were these stairs are heading. But when I look up, I saw nothing.


Giraffe in Art in Island

I can’t take my thirst anymore. Sorry for drinking the giraffe’s water.


surfing in Art in Island

It’s my first time to surf. Thanks Art in Island for the opportunity.


boat in art in island

Let me rest here for a while. I hope that Ilog Pasig will look like this.


big foot in art in island

The smell of this foot is not just pleasant.


animals in art in island

The animals here are so clingy!


balloon in art in Island

I wasn’t able to hold the other string. But the other one was strong that it lifted me. Kidding! I know you know that I just jumped.


crown in art in island

I’m the next queen! Yeah!


shark in Art in Island

I hope that the shark won’t see me.


monalisa in art in island

I’m really the one who painted Monalisa.


monkey in Art in Island

This monkey wanted a photo of me so yeah.


pull my finger in art in island

We’re playing basketball, oh, catching the ball, rather.


time magazine in art in island

Please grab a copy of Time Magazine with me on the cover.


kissing fish in Art in Island

I don’t want this fish to be my first kiss.


eden garden in art in island

Hey! Don’t eat that apple. But I’m scared to that big headed snake.

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