Ay Abaw Ngani Sa Mindoro Baya Ire

Ay Abaw Ngani Sa Mindoro Baya Ire

During my first days in Manila, I realized that there is something different in the words of Manila people. Is the difference in them or in me? For me, it is theirs because I am from the province of Mindoro and I am used to our own language, but if you look at it closely and think of it deeply, the difference is in me.

I first thought that the words of Mindoro and Manila are exactly the same, except for our added words like “ngani”, “baga”, “mandin” and “abaw” and the accent. But when I talk to my classmates, they hear some words which, they say, is unfamiliar to them, and tell me “Ha? Ano? Ang lalim mo naman magsalita!” Like what? Seriously? And my face was like Ha?-Hindi-Niyo-Alam? or Tagalog-din-naman-ang-sinabi-ko-ah! And yes, they really didn’t know some of our words. I finally accepted the fact. It is remembered that I posted this on Facebook.

mindoro words

I know others don’t know these words because as I said, they are not Tagalog words generally for all Filipinos. They are Tagalog words from Mindoro. I can’t believe that we have our own language. I wonder where we got these words. But of course, I am willing to share what they mean.

tagalog words in mindoro

There still some words missing in the table above because I don’t know how it is termed in Manila. Upon making this, I discovered that some words are Bisaya. Sorry to disappoint my fellow Mangyans because we thought that these words were originally ours. But don’t worry because we are still known for the words “ngani”, “baga”, “mandin” and “abaw.” “Ngani” and “mandin” are words for agreeing or can be synonymous to “oo nga.” “Abaw” is just a interjection. And for “baga,” if Manila has “ba” and Batangas has “ga,” then ours is “baga.”

Now, do we understand each other?


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