I’m a huge fan of the games Brick Breaker and Bubble Shooter even though they are already old. If I could remember, Brick Breaker is played by smashing a wall of bricks by deflecting a bouncing ball with a moving paddle, which the player can control, while Bubble Shooter is played by shooting a ball to the same-colored group of balls to eliminate them until the playing field is cleared. I used to play these games back when I was a child and I’m still seeking for them. That is why I’m so happy when I found out that a new and modernized version of these games is developed. Welcome to my world, BBTAN!
BBTAN is a video game created by 111% that is available on both android and iOS system. I see it as a combination of Brick Breaker and Bubble Shooter because the gameplay allows its players to shoot balls that will break bricks on the screen. Their aim is to avoid the bricks from reaching the surface so they have to clear as many bricks as they can. The bricks have numbers on it indicating how many times it should be hit by the ball before it dissolves. However, the number of bricks that comes out increases in every turn. But the players can shoot multiple balls at a time by catching the plus power up.
Aside from that power up that grants you a ball, there are three more power ups featured in the game. The power up, which has two arrows in it, lets you destroy the bricks horizontal or vertical to it. The power up, which has three arrows in it, lets you scatter the ball upward. On the other hand, the power up with a dollor sign in it gives you the money to get different kinds of balls from big to small and from simple to unique. Speaking of balls, here’s one great tip for for you. Try to obtain and use the tiniest ball because it has the ability to pass the small spaces between the bricks and to bounce and hit bricks more than the normal one. In this case, you have a greater possibility to remove bricks faster.
Well, I won’t learn this tip without my addiction to the application. In fact, I became the class’ bad influence. Because of me, my classmates also play the same game while the class is on going. I’m sorry to my professors. I can’t resist it. I can’t even sleep without beating my own high score. And that’s the challenge of the app. Even though it doesn’t require multiplayers, you’ll have to defeat yourself by having a higher score than your high score. Therefore, in this game, you have to be alert and at the same time, smart on where to point the ball. I love that BBTAN enhances the strategic skills of the player as it gives them time to think for their next shot since there is no time limit for limit for every turn and the players can resume the game even if you already closed the app. Don’t worry about the clock at the top of the screen by the ways. It’s just a game’s trick.
I must say that BBTAN is the kind of game that fits to everyone. It chooses no person. I can see all of my friends play the game from the fuckest boy, if there is such term, to the nerdiest boy I know and from the sportiest girl to the sweetest girl I know. There is no doubt on why it is among the most played app today.

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