Beauty And The Beast Movie Review


“It’s for kids.”

“I already know the story.”

“Emma Watson does not fit the character of Belle.”

“Nothing will beat the original.”

These are the answers of my friends when I asked them to watch Beauty and the Beast with me. These are also the comments I saw in the comment section of the film’s trailer. I felt so sad that there are people who judged an hour-and-a-half movie already based on a four-minute trailer or even without seeing the film. However, I’m glad that there are still people, like me, who are willing to watch it regardless of its flaws because they’re simply a fan of Disney fairy tales, or specifically, Beauty and the Beast.  We’re going to prove those bashers wrong.

First off, I may agree that Beauty and the Beast, generally, is for kids. It’s one of our bedtime stories when we’re young and the 1991 animated film of the same name targets children. However, as I see it, producers of the 2017 version of the movie had a remake of it so that ’90s kids, who are now adults, could have a nostalgic throwback of their childhood favorite, and at the same time, kids of this generation can witness a more modern version of it. In 2017’s Beauty and the Beast, some violent scenes and the way the characters act suits older audiences.

“I already know the story.” No, you don’t. If you didn’t watch the flick, then you don’t know that Belle is the inventor and not her dad. You didn’t know that LeFou is gay and that he and Gaston tied Belle’s father, Maurice, in a tree so that he can’t stop Gaston from marrying Belle. You didn’t know that Monsieur Jean is Mr. Potts and that Cogsworth’s wife also live in Villeneuve, together with Belle. And you didn’t know that the enchantress who placed the spell on the beast is also a villager of Villeneuve and that she watches over the beast’s behavior towards Belle and saves Maurice that’s why the beast turned into a prince even the last petal of rose fell. This year’s version involves a number of twist that made the plot amazing. I’m sorry you missed it.

Just because we’re used to see Emma Watson as a muggle-born witch doesn’t mean she can’t be a Disney princess. Just because Emma Watson speaks in British accent doesn’t mean she can’t be Belle. She’s an actress. And as an actress, there is no character that is not suitable for her. But in this movie, the character doesn’t just fit her. She gave justice to it although there are few parts that she acts awkwardly. I’m surprised that she has a powerful voice, too. She’s a perfect Belle, I must say. The same goes with the beast, Gaston, Maurice, LeFou and other characters. Their brilliant acting skills made me believe into fairy tales again as they let me fall in love with their story. And for the people behind Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts, even though I only heard their voices, I still felt their flair in doing their craft.

I can’t say that it beats the original because for me, there are some scenes where 1991 film did better while there are some parts where I choose this year’s version. However, I can’t deny the fact that this movie did great when it comes to visuals. The productions design, the costume, the effects – they’re incredible! I wish I watched it on 3D. But of all things, it is the music that stood out the most. Every song is full of emotions that gave me goosebumps, especially, of course, Beauty and the Beast. And to add on that, I love that Ariana Grande and John Legend sung the theme song. Everything’s so magical!

2017’s Beauty and the Beast is indeed a must-watch movie. For all the bashers out there, eat your words.

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