Beauty Uses Of Food Coloring

Food coloring or color additive, as its name says, makes our food vibrant and lively by giving it colors, literally. We want our ketchup red, crackers yellow, icing blue and cakes green just like how we want our lips red, hair highlights yellow, nails blue and face paints green. But do you know that food coloring is not merely for food and crafts we create in our DIY? In this post, I will reveal the other uses and secrets of food coloring, specifically when it comes to beauty, as I show you how it can help us achieve colorful kind of beauty we want in our hair, face, nails and other parts of our body we want to add bloom.


Shade Enhancer

Food Coloring Shade Enhancer 1

Food Coloring Shade Enhancer

Both my Filipino and Chinese blood do not require me this but I know a lot of people, specifically who have fair and white skin may need this since most of them want to have yellowish glow in their faces and skin. So here’s the thing. You can enhance the shade of the foundation you are using by blending an amount of yellow food coloring. You can also have the red if you want a darker shade. I don’t know if someone like this, but you can also have the blue and green!


Nail Polish

Food Coloring Nail Polish 1

Food Coloring Nail Polish

Please excuse my nails. For everyone’s information, I’m a nail biter that’s why it looks shorter than it should be and has peeled surrounding skin. That is also why I mixed clear nail polish and food coloring to somehow hide my undesirable parts. Despite of having this condition, I want my fingers to be presentable of course. However, nail biter or not, you can still paint colors using the color additives you have in your home. Just follow what I did.


Lip Stain

food coloring lip stain 1

food coloring lip stain

I see my friends so addicted into buying lip stains and applying them everyday. I also see friends who sell these lip stains at such a high price. Well, my friends, here’s my advice. Don’t bother buy those expensive lip paraphernalia anymore because now, you can put stains on your lips without taking out your gold. Take out the food coloring you have in your cupboard and lip balms or coconut oil instead. Melt the lip balm of coconut oil and add the color of food additive you¬†desire. Let it cool and feel free to apply.


Face Paint

food coloring face paint 1

food coloring face paint

If food coloring allows us to do nail art, it also allows us to do face art. Basically, it allows us to have fun and unlock our kiddy heart. The procedure is just simple. I combined one flour every two cornstarch and poured an amount of food color. And since I’m a Lasallian and we cheer Animo with green stars on our faces, I created a green face paint, and also, a pink face paint. The pink one isn’t as clear as the green one though.


Hair Dye

food coloring hair dye 1

food coloring hair dye

Switching our hair from color to color makes us feel like a new person. At times, we want to look fierce or subtle of edgy or girly or just simple. However,¬†this may take a lot of money, especially that we have various choices of colors. Well, I’m telling you. A bottle of clear conditioner and a few drops of color additive is much more cheaper than the commercialized ones. For my hair, I created a red hair dye and applied it on the tip of my hair. I’m sorry for the photo though. I can’t take photo while dyeing.