First of all, I want to emphasize that this is a book review and not a movie review. All my comments here are based on its Wattpad version. And yes! Bloody Crayons is originally a Wattpad story published into a book. Shocked? My friends are startled, too, because they didn’t expect that this Filipino horror movie is adapted from a Wattpad book. And I had the same reaction when I discovered Bloody Crayons in Wattpad. It’s rare to see a horror book in Wattpad so I was quite curious what could be inside. I wanna know how a book can give thrill since it can’t tell a story visually like in movies. Really intriguing! Moreover, there is a movie adaptation which means Bloody Crayons is a good story. So even though I’m not into horror, I decided to read it.

Here’s a little background about Bloody Crayons. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna spoil you. The story is about a group of fourteen friends who visited an island for their summer vacation. Unfortunately, this vacation became the chance of one, or maybe two of them, to kill his or her friends. We don’t know who the killer is until we read the book until the end. The 13 remaining friends also do not know who among the 14 is the killer. And so they find and they fight for their lives.

I’m surprised to find out that this is really fearsome. In fact, I wasn’t able to continue reading the part when they saw a pair of eyes outside the window because it was late at night when I got to that scene. Now I believe that books are more spine-chilling than films, which will just shock the viewers and not scare them.

I must say that the author is already aware of his story before he started writing it. Everything is organized. The mysteries happened in the earlier chapters were answered on the latter chapters. Other than that, it’s clear that the author is skillful in tricking the readers, which is important in a suspense story. While I was reading, my bet on who the real killer is keeps on changing. Even though there are spoilers in the comment section, there are twists in the story that somehow made me doubt the spoilers.

While his ability in creating suspense is admirable, I see that he is not good in expressing the emotions of the characters, especially when one of the friends die. Yes, it’s stated that they are afraid and sympathizing but as a reader, I can’t feel it. This causes some scenes to be unrealistic. When Olivia died, the first thing to do is to run into the telephone, call for emergency and not to have a meeting in the living room, right?

I admire the plan of Eunice, April, Kenly and Kyle in killing Olivia. The way they executed it and finally faced Olivia was intense. I thought that it will have a good ending, especially when the one-on-one battle between Eunice and Olivia in the yacht happened. But because the killer was the one who lived and reigned, it turned to have a bad ending. It’s not that I couldn’t accept the death of the 13 friends since I became used to it as I read the story. It’s just that the story lost its sense. The urge of the 13 friends in fighting the killer lost its sense. But a story is a story. That’s how it went. It’s still included in my top ten Wattpad favorites though.

© Josh Argonza