One time, I called my boyfriend who irritable answered because he said he was playing. I didn’t understand him until we swapped phones for a week. There, I discovered what he was playing and now, I’m the one who irritably answers his call.

The game is called Bully. It allows players to complete missions requested by the people who trusts your character, Jimmy Hopkins. You’ll do this by breaking rules like trespassing, truancy, dress code violation, curfew, bullying, harassment, violence and the like. The app is from the makers of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games, but this time, the venue is in a school.

When I started to play the app, solving missions became my newly-found hobby. I find the tasks amusing mainly because every Bully mission is awesomely different. There’s one that requires you to bike or to skate or to court a girl or to prank people or to learn punches and kicks and more. Classes that serves as mini-games are challenging yet enjoying, too. Well, I was just in Chapter three when my boyfriend got his phone from me yet in just three chapters, Bully already offered a lot and I know that it has a lot more to offer on the following chapters. But please let’s not talk about the control keys because they frustrate me.

Moreover, I found out that it consumes a lot of energy. In fact, it took half of my battery usage which causes the phone to overheat. From then on, I decided not to play or else I may break someone’s phone through overheating. But I can’t resist Bully so I just complete one mission at a time. After cooling the phone down, I’ll play again.

Yes! I’m that hooked! That’s why when it is time to return the phone to my boyfriend, it was a tough goodbye. I can only play it again when I’m with my boyfriend since I don’t have it on my phone. It isn’t free so I can’t download it. Although Bully is worth-purchasing, I’ll just lend that money for food.

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