I caught Camp Sawi once on a TV channel I can’t remember. But I remember that I didn’t finish it because I got bored. Again, I caught it on TV, specifically in PBO, and I thought that I can manage to finish this now because I have nothing else to watch as of that moment. And yes, I did it!

The reason why I found the movie dull is the fact that it’s just showing consistent drama of five heartbroken girls. And by consistent, I mean these girls are miserable all throughout the movie and the camp didn’t offer any solution to their heartbreak. It purely revolves to the story of how they broke up with their respective boyfriends and how was their life after. The flick supposed to have a touch of comedy but I can barely see it.

However, I like the stories of each girls as it reveals different kinds of breakup and relationships. I can absolutely feel the pain on the problems they’re carrying. Bridgette, played by Bela Padilla, is a cheerful lady who became devastated after her boyfriend left her and their ten-year relationship for another girl. Yassi Pressman’s character, Jessica, joined Camp Sawi after discovering that her boyfriend is a gay making out with another guy. On the other hand, Gwen, played by Arci Munoz, gets drunk every night to forget his ex-boyfriend who made a split-up song for the rock singer. Andi Eigenmann’s character, Clarisse, who, behind a yoga facilitator, is a mistress realizing her wrongdoings. For me, Joan, played by Kim Molina, has the most tragic experience of them all since her boyfriend died after proposing to her.

Then there’s Sam Milby, the camp master, who, I think, has no reason to be present in the camp. Actually, he didn’t help and guide the girls to move on. In fact, he became a source of conflict for the girls because they think he’s making them fall in love. As I said, Camp Sawi did nothing to these heartbroken ladies. But because of this camp, they earned friends whom they can be with forever whenever boyfriends can not do that.

Even though the film is not that good, the actresses exhibit the opposite. I’m glad that Camp Sawi became a way for Arci Munoz to show her real talents but, I guess, her performance was a bit too much for her character. Jessica is a type of person who is in the stage of avoiding her true feelings of sadness and the jolly Yassi Pressman portrayed that character very well. Moreover, I noticed that everyone do not have equal exposure but despite of having the least, I can see that Kim Molina outshined the others in some way. Andi Eignemann is perfect for her role as she keeps her acting as natural as possible yet everything’s still elegant. And based on my observation, the best actress in this movie would be Bela Padilla. There’s hugot in her emotions that she easily passes to the audience.

One more thing! Bantayan Island is so beautiful. I love that they shoot Camp Sawi in this place. It’s a great promotion to the spot.

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