campus royalties

Kingdom University? Campus princes and princesses? Is this a story for a tween? Or is the author a tween? Please don’t hate me for starting this review with these questions. Campus Royalties just seems immature and I just want to know if it is for my age because if not, I’ll adjust my views about it as if I’m a youngster. I believe that adults will rate this realistically low. Hence, let me be a kid for now so it won’t have negative comments as much as it should have.

First, how do I say that this is only for girls and not for ladies? Well, girls don’t mind if their book is outdated, inane or cliche. But ladies do mind. This was proven when I read Campus Royalties twice. My first take on the book was years ago when it was published in Wattpad. I was a high school student then. I kept on laughing at the jokes delivered. I smiled on how the couple in the story, Steff and Darryl, take revenge on each other. I was feeling the kilig from the first page to the last page. However, I wonder why I’m not feeling the similar way when I read it now for the second time. I find their clash on the first part corny and childish, especially that the setting and characters of the story are in collage. The jokes aren’t timely anymore. Author must remember that their punchlines should be timeless because books are.

Other Wattpad books I’ve read twice are not like this. So we can’t deny that there is really something wrong on the author. One wrong thing I saw is the way the author narrates her plot. She tells unnecessary scenes and she talks like she tittle-tattles in street corners which make the whole thing informal. Moreover, I hope that the publisher reviewed and edited the book because incorrect Filipino grammars and repetitive paragraphs can be seen.

All of these thoughts were on my mind until I read the line of Darryl asking Jessica to help him move on. I can see that their relationship is changing from enemies to friends. The tension is building and I am crying. Maybe, I can now forget my criticisms. From here on, I’m glad that the author knew how to move the readers regardless of their age. I even spotted my favorite scene which gave me butterflies in my stomach, smile on my face, happiness in my mind and kilig in my heart at once. That was during the Feb Fair when Darryl, Patrick and Jessica were in Steff’s coffee shop. Steff was angry at Darryl and whispered her confession of love in Korean language. And then Darryl answered her in Korean language, too! Shocks! He understood Steff’s statement! I almost died to his reply. Hey! That is not cliche! The author had a good job for having that idea. Maybe, she’s just terrible in opening a story yet great in ending it. It was a good thing I finished the book.

© angelicajoyceg

© angelicajoyceg