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The King never failed us. No, I’m not talking about someone who handle a monarchy nor my last name. I’m talking about the app developer, King, for it gave us the best games in Facebook. As what I have heard, it overpassed Zynga to become the top app developer on Facebook by monthly active users. We can remember the holder of the top Facebook game last 2013, the King’s Candy Crush Saga. I know, almost all the monthly active users had experienced playing this game. It’s a shame for those who hadn’t, even a single level. You should try playing it, especially today that the King company offered us the newer version of Candy Crush Saga, which is named Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Despite of the game having a common mechanics, which is to match three or more similar candies, like most of the puzzle games, Candy Crush Soda Saga has exciting twists and wonderful mission that players will surely enjoy. If Candy Crush Saga has the unlimited levels that should be played with limited moves, the layers of candy to pop that serves as dare to players, the special candies, the boosters like lollipop, multi-colored jellyfish and extra moves, then, Candy Crush Soda Saga is more Candy Crash Saga, more challenge, more special candies, more boosters.

candy crush soda saga add ons

Candy Crush Soda Saga is just similar to the original. Soda is added to the game. Popping sodas will make the soda level higher. Candies in the soda level moves up while candies out in the soda level moves down, just like the original one. The sequel also has frosting which makes the game difficult yet challenging. Players need to make candy matches beside the frosting for it to be gone. After this, gummy bears is also introduced. Players have to clear the frosting to unhide the gummy bears inside the frosting. There are two special candies added to the game. One named Sweden fish which is produced when four candies forming a square shape is matched and the other named coloring candy is made when six candies were combined. The Sweden fish make it possible to pop a candy somewhere while the coloring candy changes the color of one candy you want to change. I guess, hearing these add-ons makes you wanna play the game already, what more if you’re at that moment playing, right?

I really admire how the game is made and how King had the idea of this game. It is just so intelligent. I just I have unlimited lives so that I can play the game forever. What I love about the game is that I can challenge my friends in Facebook for me to have guts to earn higher points than them. I just hate it when I have to invite three friends just to pass and unlock a level. But I have nothing to do it because I think, it’s part of their marketing strategy. But overall, it was totally amazing. In fact, it’s the only game I played especially during my leisure time or when I wait for my professor to come in our class.

Very entertaining and mind-testing! Candy Crush Soda Saga is a must have for your tablets, mobile and Facebook.


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