Maybe some of you, especially those who are professional drivers, will question why on Earth would I, a newbie in driving, teach you the warning lights that flicks on your dashboard. This just means that this blog post isn’t for you. This is for people like my mom who knows how to drive but panics whenever a warning flashes in the dashboard and asks me what it means. Well, you shouldn’t panic like my mom do when these comes out on your dashboard but you should somehow be alarmed because these warning lights means that there is something wrong in your car. Therefore, you should know what these things want to say and not just ignore them like we most do. That’s why I studied the meanings of these indicators, which I will share to you today.


Fault Problem


Temperature Warning


Stability Control Off


Washer Fluid Low


Low Oil Pressure


Diesel Particulate Filter Warning


Parking Assist


Airbag Warning


Seat Belt not on


Fog Light


Glow Plug/Diesel Preheat


Handbrake Warning


Lane Departure Warning


Winter Mode


Rain Sensor


Key not in Vehicle


Boot Open


Battery/Alternator Warning


Exterior Light Fault


Brake Pad Warning


Cruise Control On


Information Indicator


Catalytic Converter Warning


Eco Driving Indicator


Windscreen Defrost


Direction Indicators


Rear Spoiler Warning


Engine Emission Warning


Trailer Tow Hitch Warning


Water in Fuel Filter