catching gif meme
A new kind of meme that is in graphics interchange format challenges the speed of our mind and fingers. It’s actually like a tap game in a GIF photo because it works this way. The photo has an animated object and an outline of that object inanimated in the right position. Our goal is to fit that object in its outline by stopping or tapping the GIF photo. Can you now picture the meme I’m talking about? Well, you should because it is all over Facebook now. I just don’t know what it is called though. People and netizens haven’t name them yet. So for the meantime, in this blog post, we’ll call them catching GIF meme.
I posted this blog not to show my own creation of this kind of animated meme unlike what I do when I feature Nagmahal, Nasaktan Memes, Name Pun Memes and Minsan Ikaw Memes so expect to see GIF photos that already exist and that are created by Giphy and other meme generators. But actually, I posted this blog so I can show you that I caught the GIF! I had a hard time in solving some of these so bear with my shallow happiness and shallow feeling of accomplishment. This is pure entertainment and this is my page after all.
warrior catching gif meme
warrior catching gif meme solved
This is an easy one! I’ll be posting Catching GIF Memes from the easiest to the hardest.
zarks catching gif meme
zarks catching gif meme solved
And here comes Zarks! Their advertising committee is updated to the trends of social media, huh.
Emperador Light
emperador light catching gif meme
emperador light catching gif meme solved
Will I get an Emperador Light if I solved this?
let's eat catching gif meme
let's eat catching gif meme solved
I will always be fast when it comes to food, you know.
Basketball Player
basketball player catching gif meme
basketball player catching gif meme solved
Eyes on the ball! It goes bounces everywhere.
potato catching gif meme
potato catching gif meme solved
Potatoes can be playful. Remember that.
nose and hair catching gif meme
nose and hair catching gif meme solved
Just wait for it. Wait for the abrupt movement of the nose and hair. And to the creator of this meme, what were you thinking? This made me laugh.
sleeves catching gif meme
sleeves catching gif meme solved
Is your finger faster than the moving sleeves of this cute man?
Tic Tac Toe
puzzle catching gif meme
puzzle catching gif meme solved
It took hours and before I got this.
chicken catching gif meme
Don’t bother trying this meme because it’s just tricking us. This running chicken is so swift that it didn’t touch the outline at all.