What Causes Nightmares

What Causes Nightmares

Do you remember the times when you can’t step out of your bed because of your expectation of someone’s under it? You even can’t close your eyes while having a shower. How about when you cuddle up with your parents to banish the things that creep into your dreams? Or when you grab your favorite toy or pillow to lull you back to sleep? You’re smiling because that is somehow true. All of us are afraid of nightmares. But you know what, we have to take this seriously because this nightmares can lead us to something harmful.

Having nightmares are again gaining popularity because of Halloween and All Soul’s Day, even though we can have it all the night, especially kids. Nightmares are creepy dreams that are usually experienced in the middle of the night. Some of them can be so bad that they can even jolt you awake. What’s frightening is that waking up suddenly can make you associate your surroundings with what you remember from your dream, making you think that your nightmare is real. TG mag enumerates the possible causes of nightmares.


Scary Story

I remember when my classmate was watching Rated K last Sunday in our house. At the same time, she was also watching me as I make my blog, “Top Horror Movies To Watch.” After, she was having a problem on how she will go home and sleep late at night. Yes, that was right because frightening tales we watch or see before bedtime can slip into our dreams.


Irregular Sleep

Too much homeworks, midnight parties and any other activities that keeps us awake at night can also result nightmares. How? It is simply because of irregular sleep. Experts said that not having a set bedtime can let the monsters in. So, don’t let this fun activities ruin our good night.


Wild Imagination

After watching and seeing those scary stories, let’s stop our imagination about it. That was my advice to my classmate that made her go home. Another advice for my readers is not to eat too close to bedtime because it raises our metabolism and increases brain activity. Our creative mind can make up ghouls and ghosts that enter our slumber.



Having nightmares are normal, but according to experts, a high frequency of nightmares is a sign of excessive stress. Let happiness reign against anxiety, or else, it will lead us to nightmares.



A famous example of this is Tim Burton, who had a 108-temperature fever when he had a nightmare. And out of it, the said director was able to make a movie entitled “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” But we are not like him, so the strain from our ailment can still make us vulnerable to bad dreams.


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