I Wear Chill

i wear chill

My avid readers know how in love I am to dresses. But what they don’t know is that I’m already satisfied claiming them as mine. I mean, I wanted them more if they’re just in my own closet hanging and flowing than I wear them. It feels like I’m exposing them to dirt and such if I display them with me. So I’d rather place them in my room and look at them all day long like a scenery. Maybe you’re declaring me as a weird now, but it’s all true. Same feeling runs inside me when I’m in a Chill store. Actually, it’s more than that! Watching brilliant dresses all around, it seems like a garden to me, to all girls.

Chill resonates with a teenage girl who is constantly up-to-date with the latest trends and is generally fabulous, easygoing and bubbly. They offer different collections that fit in every month and season such as Holiday Charm Collection and Back-to-school Collection. And of course, they have those dresses that can be worn by girls from day to day. From its trend-right dresses to its oh-so-perfect-fitting crop tops and skirts, you’ll never run out of choices from this brand. Just chill and see how I wear Chill.



chill's dana

Honestly, if we just hang Dana on a hanger or somewhere else, the dress won’t reached my admiration level. I think it’s too plain and not creative at all. I bet you’ll have the same thoughts, too when you just hold it and not try it. However, if it is worn by somebody or something like mannequin, you’ll see its real allure. And I’m glad that I caught it on a mannequin. Maybe I’ll miss this secretly splendid dress if it is just on a hanger or perhaps, Chill, too, because Dana is the reason why I keep track on the brand.


Macey and Kate

chill's macey and kate

According to my observations, Chill don’t want to leave their line in dresses because even though they make tops and skirts, we could see that each of them has their respective partners. Macey, my top here, is for Kendall and Kate, my skirt here, is for Mary. But hey, we could use our skills in fashion by pairing one to another like what I did. I guess, Macey looks fabulous with Kate, because aside from the fact that I both love them and how they are created, these two have the capability to make girls carefree.



chill's jennifer

Wanna pair plain and floral but having a problem on which of your tops and bottoms you are going to use? Do not worry because Chill has done it for you by presenting Jennifer! Upon roaming around the Chill stall in MOA, I found that they love combining plain tops and printed skirts or plain skirts and printed tops into a dress. These pieces were attached though they look like they weren’t. How adorable that is!



chill's casey

Upon seeing Casey, I can’t help but compare it to the one which is from Candie’s – same design, same neckline, same hemline and same waistline. But the advantage of that Candie’s dress is its turquoise color while in Chill’s is the fabric which is so rigid despite of its stretching ability. And because it is stretchable, it clearly follows the shape of my body. Aside from that, the type of fabric used can’t easily be crumpled. My clothes were stocked in a bag for a week and this is the only one that wasn’t touched by any wrinkles.



chill's ashley

My mother really wants this but the sad thing is none of the sizes suits her. Sorry mom for telling! So she bought it for me. Yay! That was another collection to add up in my closet. By the way, what attracts us in Ashley, apart from the fact that it is on sale, is its flexible-being in any events. I can have the summery feels through wearing something like this, and at the same time, its flowing skirt plays and swirls with the wind. This cute dress also matches casual parties, too. Flexibility – that’s a big check for me!



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