chocolates for everyone

Yummy, soothing, relaxing, creamy, rich, delicious, craved, sweet – oh, come on, I’m describing one of your likes, like to eat, like to give and like to receive. It’s almost everyone’s favorite! I bet that if I ask a crowd who wants chocolate, kids, teens, adults, young and old will raise their hands. But if I ask them what brand of chocolate, they will surely have different answers. If you’re going to ask me the same question, here is mine.

1. Maltesers

I just enjoy munching those chocolate balls with malt inside.

1. Maltesers


2. Ferrero Rocher

Valentine’s Day? Monthsary? Anniversary? This will always be the best to give.

2. ferrero rocher



3. Hershey’s

The best creaminess can only be found at Hershey’s.

3. hersheys


4. Kisses

Not allowed to give kisses? Why not give this kisses chocolate instead? He’ll/she’ll love it the same way.




5. Reese

It is consist of two cups chocolate coated peanut butter. Great combination!

5. reese


6. Crunch

It is known for having crisped rice that made it yummy. Flip it and you’ll see.




7. Snickers

The top-selling chocolate brand is here. Hungry? Grab a Snickers.

© Janecel Jamig

© Janecel Jamig


8. Goya

This proves that Philippines products can also line up with foreign products.

© Rachelle Cupiado

© Rachelle Cupiado


9. Kitkat

I’ll never get weary on this chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar confection.

9. kitkat


10. Toblerone

Triangular prism chocolate? That’s Toblerone! Everyone knows that.

10. toblerone