Being Color Coordinated

pink, gray, white

“You are so color-coordinated in choosing what you will wear.”

“Ang sipag mo maghanap clothes na magkakapareho ang kulay pero hindi nakakasawang tingnan.”

“I don’t know what your favorite color is because you have different motif of your clothes everyday.”

“Wow! pure ____, huh?”

These were the comments I frequently hear from my friends whenever I go to school or whenever I go out. As I said in an interview of me that I posted in “In A Relationship With Fashion” I am really a color-coordinated person in terms of my clothes. Ever since when I was young, I prefer wearing clothes that has the same color as my shoes, as my bag and as my accessories. Just like in my photo above, my shirt is gray, white and pink, my pants is gray and my shoes are also gray, white and pink. I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because I got used to it when my mother says that I’m so baduy whenever I wore clothes that do not match colors. But that was before when combining different colors of clothes is not yet in the fashion trends. However, combining different colors of clothes came but still, I am used on color-coordinated clothes. I really don’t know why. But I love it. How about you?






© Anica Jasmin









© Anna Selda


Yellow and Blue

yellow, blue


Pink and White

pink and white
© Kim Tumaliuan

Top: Crissa | Pants: RRJ


Blue, Black and White

blue, whit, black

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