color switch review

Tap games really invade the list of top games on application stores. Maybe, it’s because tap and top sounds almost the same. Oh please laugh on my joke! Well, after stacking blocks in Stacks, hitting glasses in Smash Hit, making daddy walk in Daddy Long Legs¬†and¬†making the circle bounce in Circle, Color switch is another game craze which only needs the tapping of the player to let the floating ball bounce and pass through colorful animated figures. To do this, the player must let the ball pass through the part of the figure which has the same color as the ball. The figures can be a circle, a small circle, double circles, triple circles, square, dotted square, diamond, dotted diamond, cross, double crosses, straight line, multiple straight lines, dotted infinity, dotted star and more complicated figures which I couldn’t explain anymore. They’re all rotating which gets faster and faster. The player should be alert in knowing the color of ball whether it is pink, violet, yellow or light blue because when the ball touches a different color, then the game is over. But of course, they can try it again for a better score. Speaking of the score, there are stars scattered on the path, mostly inside the figures. Once the player collected each on of them, he’ll gain points. There are also a small pizza-like circles on the path which has the four colors on each slice. This signifies that the ball will change color.

Oh! Did I just explain all that in one paragraph? Let me breath first.

color switch obstacles

Do you want more challenge? Aside from the main game, Color Switch also offers other game modes. The first one is named challenge which has a similar process as the main game but in this game mode, there are levels to complete. In the reverse, the player has to let the ball pass through the figures downward unlike in the main game which is upward. In race, the name explains it already. The player has an opponent and if he finished the race first, he’ll complete a certain level. In cave, the player has to go through a dark path wherein the only light is on the ball. The player will only see the figures and its colors once the ball is near them. In color swap, the color of the ball changes automatically on its own so the player must really be mindful of what color his ball is before going through a figure. If the ball in main game bounces upward and the ball in reverse bounces downward, in color fly, the ball bounces to the right where the figures are placed. My favorite game mode is gravity wherein there’s an arrow that points where the gravity is. The ball will follow the gravity leading to the next figures. The new update includes split wherein the ball splits into two and both parts shouldn’t touch any figure and the left and right surface until it reaches the end. In bounce, the screen will show two lines with different colors on the left and right side and the ball should touch the correct color as it bounces back and forth. Black and white, on the other hand, has only two colors which is black and white. If the player’s ball is black, he should let it pass to the white part of the figure. If the ball is white, then its way is colored in black. In break, there is a certain number of figures that surround the player’s ball. The ball should hit each figure with the correct color until they are all gone. In spin, the ball sticks to a circle as it spins. In every tap, the ball will go directly to where it points. The player should lead the ball to another spinning circle with the same color until it reaches the end. In line, there are traces visible on where the ball will pass. I can compare the game mode, shoot, to Zuma. It’s like you have a gun loaded with balls and the player has to shoot the correct color. The game mode, turn, will confuse the players mind. In here, the player is controlling the figure by turning it so that its correct part will face the ball. The player also has the control in the game mode, control. The ball moves upward by itself and tapping will make the figures move so the ball can pass through the correct path. The last game mode in this update is Zigzag. It’s similar to the main game but the ball moves in zigzag direction in every tap.

Going to what’s on my mind, the game is so addictive! It consumes my time and battery and I don’t stop if I don’t reach my high score every night. On my tablet, I almost completed the levels and I’m waiting for more. In the meantime, I’m replaying the game modes and levels on my Iphone. There are level that needs to be fixed though and the ads ruin the fun. But that’s the only negative comment I have into it. Overall, Color Switch is brilliant. You better have it on your phones if you still don’t have one!

Let me end this with a video of the longest color switch race ever recorded.