I love birds but I think they don’t love me. Every time I go near them, they fly away. Because of that, I rarely had a chance to mingle with them so I’m not that close to birds compared to cats and dogs. But still, a part of my heart belongs to them. I find peace whenever I see them flying in V-form or hear them chirp in tune or watch them playing outside my window or even catch them staring at me. Yeah! That happened once! I was in our balcony when I saw this bird. Instead of flying away, he just stood there and stared at me. But after a few minutes, he left. Anyway, if we want to see birds that won’t leave our view, we could watch their videos. That’s what I do! And that’s why I’m here with you. I want to share the cool bird clips on my it list. Enjoy!


Echo the talking bird from Animal Gardens – America’s Got Talent Audition – Season 6 from America’s Got Talent

We once had a pet parrot and I remember him calling everyone that passes in from of him pangit, which means ugly in English. I don’t know who taught him that. However, I am the ones who taught him the word ganda, which means beautiful in English. From then on, he calls me ganda while he still calls others pangit. I miss that crazy bird so much and this kind of videos greatly reminds me of him, especially the videos of Echo. Look how amazing Echo is!


Norman Barrett MBE and his amazing budgies: Zippos Circus by Zippos Circus TV

On the previous clip, birds proved themselves when it comes to talking, singing, imitating other animal sounds, laughing, crying, sneezing and such. The birds in this clip, on the other hand, proved that they can amaze us through movements. Birds can be in circus, too, like what we’ve seen. Honestly, I discourage having animals for entertainment in circus but Norman Barrett’s birds, especially the yellow one, seems to be enjoying their moment.


(Hilarious) Andean flamingo mating dance | NATURE | “Andes: The Dragon’s Back” from fl4m1n90d4nc3

I discovered this clip somewhere on TV and found it enchantingly hilarious so I quickly searched it on Youtube.  I never thought that these pink lovely birds know how to dance. Well, according to the channel where I first watched this, they are not dancing. They are actually choosing their mates. Yes, you read that right! In actuality, they call it as the Andean Flamingo Mating Dance. Shocks! With their necks twisting like that, I couldn’t help but burst out my laughter.


funny bird and cat playing from iloontje

The reason why we decided not to have pets is the contemplation that they may fly away or escape from the house whenever they want. Unlike for furry babies, it’s just a piece of a cake to leave for the feathery babies. That’s why I truly admire people who owns birds and let them free from cages and pet birds who don’t leave their masters. This bird in this clip is one of them. This video shows that they can be as playful as cats, too. Maybe, he also wants tummy rub. How cute!


The Most Beautiful Peacock Dance Display Ever – Peacocks Opening Feathers HD & Bird Sound from Paul Dinning

Peacock is such a magnificent creature! Now I believe that life isn’t just unfair for humans but also for birds. I mean, how could a bird be this beautiful by just standing and spreading its wings? For me, in order for a pet clip to be cool or to be part of my it list, they should amaze me through his talents and unique skills. But this peacock doesn’t have to showcase his talent anymore to have a cool video because peacock themselves are awesome. I can watch them whole day.


PINGU Pingu Goes Fishing from Little KIDS TV

Although Pingu is just a fictional bird, he should still be in my it list. His adorable-being is enough reason why. When I was young, I was addicted into watching Pingu. In fact, I’ve completed all of its episodes. If I could just put all of those here since I find it all cute, I would. But for now, let me just give you this episode when Pingu was fishing. Even though I don’t understand his language, I know he’s sweet and kind and all that. All I can respond is noot noot!