You are now viewing my blog post, Cool Cat Clips On My It List featuring the Cats of DLSU. Yeah! In the photo above, I’m playing with these five cats strolling around this university. In fact, there are more than five cats in DLSU having the time of their lives in different areas of the university. We don’t how these cats got inside but there’s no problem with that because the students find them really entertaining. They are clinging with the us, playing with us and resting on our laps or even on our reviewers which made us skip studying and spend time with them, instead. It may disturb us but it won’t lessen my love for cats. They are absolutely charming, cuddly and high-spirited. Basically, cats are awesome that’s why it’s easy for me to find cool cat clips on my it list.


Cat Backflip Onto Couch from David Bledsoe

I admit I’m not really amazed on cat tricks since leaping is a normal thing for them unlike for dogs. Also, it’s hard to train a cat because they are more disturbed than dogs yet they are smarter. However, back flipping cat is a different thing. It’s not normal to see cats doing back flips! That’s why when I first saw this video, I was smiling from ear to ear and told myself that this should be on my it list. Nevertheless, I was more amazed to the dog back flipping shown in America’s Got Talent since dog’s are less flexible to do that.


Circus Cats on Parade *AWESOME CAT TRICKS* 1080P from Dmviewing

As I said, I do not admire cat tricks that much because the tricks taught to them, just like what is shown in the video, are easy for them. Hello? The cats scattering around our house can climb from the ground floor to the second floor or even third floor through the walls or balconies. What’s hard for the trainers is to make these cats follow them since cats are disturbed. However, I still included this on my it list because I got to see many cats doing tricks. Numerous cats having fun together just bring me joy.


Meet Thor, A Cat With A Tiger’s Fur by BoredPandaAnimals

What’s amazing with cat that makes people want them is their allure. We can’t resist them no matter what they look like because regardless of their emotions and cleanliness, they are adorable! And I’ve already seen a hundred of videos presenting cute cats. One of them is Thor, a cat with a tiger’s fur. He is the cutest! Honestly, I love tigers and I’m happy to see a mini version of them that is less harmful and that can be a pet. Shocks! I wish I have him, too. He is so playful and loving at the same time.


Florida Woman Keeps Bengal Tigers In Her Garden from Barcroft TV

Tigers are cats, too, right? Well, I won’t be selfish to include them here because as I said, I love tigers. If only they are not wild, I’ll have a pet tiger. This Florida woman is so lucky to experience the love and see the sweet side of tigers. As we can see in the video, although we know them big and dangerous, they are still cats. They are as perky as and as nice as domestic cats. Someday, I’ll learn to properly take care of them so that I can hug something beside my bed as I sleep.


What Those ‘Neko Atsume’ Cats Are Really Thinking from Funny Or Die

There was a time in my life that I was so addicted to the app called Neko Atsume. It is a cat collecting game which revolves around the player purchasing food, toys, and furniture to attract a cats to the player’s garden. It’s simple and frankly, the most boring application I know in the mobile world but it hypnotized me because it used my weakness – cats! They are so cute that I collected them all but this video existed. It cites what those Neko Atsume cats are really thinking. I found it funny although it is just animated.



Nothing’s more beautiful and cooler than a video showing rescued cats. Look at Milo. Who on Earth can do such kind of abuse to this innocent kitten? Who in the right mind will boil alive kitty? I’m crying because Chico doesn’t deserve this. Thanks to the people with good heart who rescued him. I know, with them, Chico will again transform to a happy cat who seems like nothing bad had happened to him. And to the one who did this to Chico, I don’t want to say bad things here. I’ll just offer you prayers.