cool dog clips on my it list

Everyone knows I have soft spot for dogs in my heart. In fact, my family own a total of 11 dogs in different breeds. And whenever we come home from work or school, with their tails wagging, their tongues licking and their feet leaping, their eagerness to see us quickly releases our stress. Their cuteness is my weakness as it melts my heart immediately. I know many dog lovers out there can relate. But for those who have fear on them, which we call cynophobia, well, I guess, video clips are enough to enjoy their charm. Here! I compiled cool dog clips on my it list that you might find amusing. A dancing darling? A swimming darling? A talking darling? A driving darling? Or simply a darling? They’re all here.


Pomeranian Gets A Haircut from Spyder Black

So freaking adorable! It looks like a toasted marshmallow that tamely gazes me and suddenly closes! How can a sleepy Pomeranian be like that by just standing, doing nothing and almost falling? How I wish I have a Pom! Oh! I do have one named Wiggle. He’s in my blog post, Ball Of Cuteness. However, I like the Pom in the video more than mine because he seems meeker, sweeter and obviously, cuter than mine. I’m sorry, Wiggle!


Super dog Trip Hazard comes to the rescue | Grand Final | Britain’s Got Talent 2016 from Britain’s Got Talent

Once Trip Hazard set foot on Britain’s Got Talent stage, I immediately fell in love with this Pomeranian-Maltese cross. This kind of act is already frequent to this talent show but I think Trip Hazard ruled. He, together with his trainor, Lucy, showcased dog steps that I haven’t seen before. The pup is so clever that he never misses a bit although sometimes, he’s distracted. But he’s cute and awesome, anyway. I salute Lucy for training him patiently and passionately.


Ultimate Dog Tease from Talking Animals

If you watch this clip on mute, then you’ll probably think why it is on my it list. It didn’t even reach the lowest level of being cool. The mutt here just glances at the camera and howls like normal dogs do. But if you slide the volume up, I bet you’ll rape the replay button with laughter. Actually, the creator just simply took a video of him even there’s nothing special on it and dubbed voices so that the mutt will appear like he’s talking. He really looked like he was stolen. Poor dog!


The Secret Life of Pets – Meet Buddy (HD) – Illumination from Illumination

Yeah Yeah! This is not a real pooch. I know. But cartoon or nonfiction, Buddy of The Secret Life of Pets is still a dog, not just a simple dog but a charming and playful dog so his video deserves to be on my it list. Hey! It’s only Buddy who can use a mixer as a tool for massage. What a witty pup, as witty as the man who thought of this scene! Because of this and his frisky yet endearing friends, I’ll definitely watch The Secret Life of Pets.


Meet Porter. The World’s First Driving Dog from Drivingdogs

Reading the title of the video, I claim that this is the coolest among coolest dog clips I’ve ever seen. Imagine a dog driving a car better than I do! No way! You could be dreaming but you’re not. I assure you that this mammal absolutely did it without video editing or any cheats but only with the help of that girl who almost squeak. I hope that she’s still in the right. I’m so sorry for being random. I was just totally shocked and amazed.


Swimming Kahlua from pawsphilippines

Just a plain dog swimming, eh? But what if I tell you that Kahlua, a resident of PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center, has a calcium deficiency, which makes him unable to walk, or even stand. I met him once when I visited the said animal rehabilitation center and I can’t help but felt pity. In this video, he had been doing his weekly water therapy to strengthen his leg muscles. This makes me smile because in spite of his condition, he shows that he is a fighter!