cool fish clips on my it list

Watching Finding Dory and seeing how adorable and playful fishes can be make me want to experience a day with these swimming creatures. But since I’m neither in my house in my hometown, where we have an aquarium and a pond of fishes, nor I can go to marine parks or beaches to take a look at them because of workloads in school, I’d rather face my laptop viewing cool fish clips. If dogs can release our stress through their wagging and licking, fishes on the other, relaxes us. They may make us laugh if they did something funny, may make us amazed if they did something clever and may make us cry if they did something heart felt. But basically, they set us in good mood. Wanna try? Well, I have here the cool fish clips on my it list.


Dolphin saves the dog from Watch|HD

Even in a blog post about fish, I still manage to include a dog. I’m so sorry. But you better watch the video and you’ll find out that the hero is the dolphin. I know this is fake since this clip only came from the movie, Zeus and Roxanne, but it brought me into tears of joy. Although this one’s maybe scripted or edited, dolphins already proved in shows and news that they are not just smart, but also, they have a heart for human and for fellow animals. They’re playful, too!


The Complete 2016 SeaWorld “Blue Horizons” Dolphin Show from MoneySavingVideos

Remember, I claimed dolphins as the cutest fish species in my blog post, Fishy! I just thought that dolphins are the coolest fish in the world that’s why I have another dolphin video here. I somehow understand how dogs are trained for obstacles. But dolphins? Do they understand human’s words and movements? How do they follow their trainers? They even smile to the audience. I have so many questions but anyway, this was the first Dolphin Show I watched and up to now, I am still amazed.


Trained Fish Does Amazing Tricks from r2fishschool

Do you think that dolphin is the only fish that can be trained and can do amazing tricks? Well, goldfish does not agree to that thought. In this video, Comet, the goldfish, will show you how he does the slalom, plays soccer, fetches, plays basketball, shoots to hoops, passes between poles and passes in a tunnel. Isn’t that cool? Do you want your goldfish to do the same? Well, the creator of the video offers you tools to train them.


Beautiful betta fishes flaring in fish tank | Red Japanese or Chinese fighting fishes dancing from Animal Planet

How can betta fishes looks so attractive even they’re just doing the normal fish movements, even without doing tricks just like the previous one? Although for them they’re just swimming, for us, they look like they’re dancing in this video as if they could hear the music. I guess the people surrounding me calls me crazy in their mind as I smile and join the groove of these fish’s fins. If only I have my own betta fish in my house, I could escape the stares of these people.


A relaxing children’s song about jellyfish, ‘Jellyfish Lullabubble’ by POCO DROM! from Poco Drom

One time, my friends and I went to Manila Ocean Park and saw a room full of aquariums for jellyfishes changing colors. With Pachelbel’s Canon in the background, the moment was so relaxing to the point that I want to stay there for a whole day until I found this relaxing children song about jellyfish. This song is very pretty yet eerie, and at the same time, sad in a positive way. I guess, it’s a really great song for meditation that’s why I have this on my it list.


Starfish Dance from cycleview

In fact, it is too awesome to be here! Thanks to cycleview and the editors behind this for making its viewers believe that starfish can dance. I don’t know if they can but, of course, not like this. Well, it clearly isn’t real. They just took careful photos of the starfish and put them together to make it appear as if it was moving. What a cool idea! Now, at least for once, you won’t say that starfishes are dumb as they always stick to surfaces.