Crazy Beautiful You Movie Review

Crazy Beautiful You

Crazy Beautiful You – another Kathniel movie so we shouldn’t miss it! It started its showing time a month earlier as Star Cinema’s Valentine treat to lovers, and until now, it’s still showing in some of the cinemas. There’s no reason to miss this romantic flick.

If a movie is played by Kathniel, there’s no doubt that it will be a big hit. Everyone agrees with me, right? But here, you will see a new Kathryn and a new Daniel, who turned into a mature Jackie and a bigger Kiko. Daniel Padilla, portraying his role as loving son, citizen and partner, shone in this movie, but kudos, also, to Kathryn Bernardo for stepping out of her comfort zone. As the two teengers fall in love with each other, the viewers will also fall in love with the characters caused by their effective acting that made us cry and laugh. In this movie, they proved that they are the reigning teen king and queen of this generation, no matter how challenging their roles are.

Well, Crazy Beautiful you is a story of how Kiko transformed Jackie from a rebellious and adventure-seeking teenage girl to a loving one. Jackie’s mother decided to send her into a medical mission in Tarlac in hopes that she’d turn for the better. The mother asked Kiko, the town mayor’s illegitimate son, to look after her daughter. And there, the two teenagers discovered something crazy and beautiful from their hearts. What’s that something? Well, I’m not here to spoil you so you should watch it and know what’s that something by yourself.

Shooting in Capas, Tarlac, a municipality with a great significance in Philippine history, is a great idea that it gives the story more meaning. I love how they showcased the hardships of the Aeta Community for it gives inspiration to the viewers who has the same personality as Jackie, whose eyes and hearts are not open to Aetas. I find the Aetas cute when they act as a community for they unite as one. They are a very good example of Filipinos who show their big smiles despite of the problems they had.

This is really a must-watch because, aside from the phenomenal Kathniel, the film also features veteran movie stars such as Gabby Concepcion and Lorna Tolentino, who played the role of Kiko’s father and Jackie’s mother, respectively. Maybe, I’m not in the position to judge them because they are big stars, already. Their star-being can be seen in the movie. The teen version of Piolo Pascual is also here as Kiko’s half brother, and at the same time, Kiko’s rival. With the power of his charm, Inigo Pascual keeps on improving himself in every movie he makes.

I have to add that their theme song is really magnificent. With the help of the powerful voice of Morissette Amon, the old song Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, became alive into the ears of today’s people. Daniel also did a great job on singing this incredibly beautiful song. But I don’t think that they are for duets.

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