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How I hate those game invitations that keep on popping on my Facebook notifications. But since it was my trimestral break and I was in need of something that can consume my long and lazy days, I decided to accept one of those invitations. I’m glad that I picked the right game for my interest. By right game, I mean a detective-themed hidden object game developed by Pretty Simple Games, which suits to my interest of finding how people die. I have a talent in investigating in a small part of my soul, you know. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m enjoying this application so much. And I guess everyone else, too, because, as we have heard, it is played by an average of ten million monthly users wherein almost all of my friends in Facebook are sending invitation to me. In fact, it was crowned as Facebook Game of the Year 2013.

The game play of Criminal Case that made these players remain to their places playing is challenging but pretty easy once you already know what to do. The player acts as a detective to solve murders, locating relevant clues at the crime scenes by clicking items in the scene. However, it is not just a simple hidden object game because it has a lot of twists and the player has so much more task to do to capture the correct suspect and clear the certain round such as examining evidence, interrogating suspects, autopsies and analyses. For the beginners to understand the mechanics, there’s a tutorial to guide you on how to play the game. As for me, when I started Criminal Case, I found the tutorial long. I mean, some players like want to be independent in playing immediately.

criminal case

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I absolutely love this game including my teammates, Jones, Ramirez, Judge Hall, Grace, Alex and Nathan, until they updated and introduced the sticker pack. Change is sometimes good but Pretty Simple Games got it wrong this time. We, addict players, badly need the burger, orange juice and chips that we can buy with our leftover stars. For the sake of non-players, these foods are taken by the players to boost the energy. Energy is required for the players to continue the investigation. But these foods were replaced with stickers which are lame and pointless. I think, they are only for collection. But no matter what’s the purpose of the update, we need the burger, orange juice and chips more than the stickers because without these foods, it takes forever to complete each chapter leaving the players impatient.

Criminal Case is unique, strategic and has a story which makes more amazing. But despite of that, I won’t recommend this because in this game, the hours of waiting is longer than the hours of playing. I’m telling you that waiting is least favored by players. To the brilliant people behind Pretty Simple Games, you don’t want your million users to uninstall Criminal Case, right? So I suggest in your next update to make the autopsies shorter and the required points for each crime scenes smaller. That will give a better Criminal Case. Thank you!

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