Daddy Long Legs And Tips And Tricks

It’s June. Yes, it’s school day again. But our first class day will start on August. That’s why I’m still not in school. And my friends are in school. And I’m not in school. And my friends are in their respective schools. And I’m bored. I have nothing to do. I’m gonna cry. But my tears pulled back when I found out a challenging game suggested by a friend of mine. Actually, he’s asking for a good game so I gave Candy Crush Soda Saga and said that it’s challenging. He then dared me, “You want challenge, huh? Try Daddy Long Legs.” That sounds great so I immediately downloaded it in my tab. Thanks for this game because I don’t feel alone in my vacation anymore.

Moving on, I would like you to think of an elder or a disabled passing across the street. During kindergarten, we’re taught to help those people. In this game, we are going to use that value we learned but instead of elder and PWDs, we’re helping a spider. You heard it right! This game is about helping a daddy long legs spider as long as possible by just tapping. Simple as that? Yes, it’s as simple as that. But please take note this hairy creature is unsure of footing and looks like he’s walking on stilts so don’t be so sure that you can make it because on my first tries, I’m gonna die. Look at him. Look at him!

Remember Flappy Bird and Circle? It gives frustration to its players because it’s as easy as one two three but hard to go farther, just like this game, Daddy Long Legs. However, there’s something about this game that makes me give my time to it. Even it frustrates most of its users, we all continuously play it, expecting to beat our own high score. As I said earlier, I wasn’t able to reach even a two-meter distance, but because of my addictiveness to the app, I searched for tips and tricks.

While playing, you can try to create your own rhythm. The game just needs a perfect timing of taps. Find it and count one, two, one, two as this two-legged spider steps forward. The timing that I’m saying is not too long. If you wait its legs switch for too long, the spider will split. We don’t want that to happen because we will again be back from the top. Instead, make an attempt for little steps. Little steps are what will carry you for a long time. Also, Touch Tap Play suggests to keep your momentum towards the left side of the screen. You will get more stability if you give your spider a little lean back.

Very entertaining and a great time killer! Daddy Long Legs is a must have for your tablets and mobile.

playing daddy long legs with daddy long legs