DIY: Lipstick USB

DIY lipstick USB

We’re┬áback to school! And we would like to make DIY that is also related to school stuff so we’re making a lipstick USB! Yay! That sounds techie and sassy at the same time! Actually, I got the idea from my seatmate during the first day of class. I saw her flash drive inside her eraser. Amazing, right? With that, I thought of another thing that could contain a USB aside from eraser. Marker, lighter, small toothpaste tubes – weird things suddenly came into my mind until aha! Lipstick container will be good, I think. Let’s just see the outcome and if you liked it, you can make for yourself, too! By the way, I would like to thank my seatmate whoever you are for giving me this idea. And referring to the photos below, please don’t mind my nail. They’re getting peeled. Okay. Let’s move on.


1. Prepare all the materials needed. This includes of course USB and lipstick container. We will also be needing cutter, cotton buds, glue, wrapper, scissors and tissue paper.

lipstick USB step 1


2. If you don’t have an empty lipstick container, cut the lipstick out of the container. Let it melt into another container so that it won’t be wasted.

lipstick USB step 2


3. Wipe out the excess using cotton buds.

lipstick USB step 3


4. Cover the lipstick container with wrapper if you don’t want a plain one. I have here a Hello-Kitty-designed lipstick container which makes me feel like I’m a kid so I wanna cover it up with a wrapper.

lipstick USB step 4


5. Using a cutter, break its old holder because you know, it’s gonna have new holder.

lipstick USB step 5


6. Wrap a tissue around the memory chip to somehow protect it.

lipstick USB step 6


7. Apply a glue inside the lipstick holder. I used mighty bond because it’s really mighty.

lipstick USB step 7


8. Place in the flash drive.

lipstick USB step 8


9. Your new USB holder is now done and ready to be used.

lipstick USB step 9

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