DIY: Stylus Pen

Do you sketch on your tablets? Are you a fan of the app, Draw Something? Are you having a hard time doodling on your social media stories? Or generally, do you need a stylus? Almost everyone are now users of touchscreen phones. And we want everything we tap or type or swipe or write or draw in our phones to be accurate. Sometimes, it is really just hard to do all these with our fingers. How we wish that our tablets and phones come with stylus. But did you know that you can make your own stylus using the common household items? Well, prepare yourself for this DIY.


1. Prepare all the materials needed. This includes an old pen, a cotton swab and a paper clip. We will also be using scissors and tape.


2. Remove the ink tube from its case since we will be transforming this ball pen into a stylus pen. Set this aside for a while.


3. We want the steel wire alone so if your paper clip has a cover, remove it using a pair of scissors.


4. Wrap the tip of steel wire around the bottom part of the cotton swab’s cotton.


5. Insert the cotton swab inside the pen’s case.


6. And continue wrapping the steel wire around the pen case.


7. The tip of the steel wire may hurt you when you use this so I suggest that you put tape on these parts. I prefer using a Washi tape so the pen stylus can have a design. However, I don’t have a Washi tape right now so I’ll just use a Scotch Tape.


8. Your new stylus pen is now done and ready to be used. Take note that if you use your stylus, make sure that you are touching the steel wire for it to function.

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