draw something review

We rarely play the same application again and again for three years because we easily get bored playing the same game repeatedly. Maybe, we’re addicted to a game for months but after a period of time, we’ll never gonna open that application again. But I want to tell that not all games are like this. I have this one application in my tablet and in my Facebook that is active for almost three years. I never get tired of it. Are you now wondering what game is that? Well, it is no other than, drum roll please, Draw Something!

As what the name says, the main action you are going to do here is to draw or to doodle out the object being commanded by the mobile. Your opponents’ role is to guess the figure you are drawing. If he or she guesses it correctly, both of you will gain coins. You two will take turns in the tasks of drawing and guessing. When you already have a number of coins already, you can buy another pen colors and bombs for hint.

You may be wondering what’s with Draw Something that made me play it for years despite of the mechanics being as simple as that. I’ll give you one word – fun. Didn’t you notice that this game is two in one? We can see top-rated guessing games in stores and in a separate category, we can also see doodle apps that are favored by the buyers. And I know a lot of gamers, like me, enjoy both applications. OMGPop, it’s developer, just had a great idea of combining them. Players, regardless of the age, are having fun playing and doodling at the same time. We can easily understand why it became the most popular social drawing and guessing game on Android!

Aside from the game being two in one, what I love about Draw Something is that it can be played with my Facebook friends. In fact, this game made us closer. We laugh together on our sketches. We challenge each other in a sport manner. But sometimes, it’s annoying when my opponents just write the word instead of drawing it, especially when I compete with strangers. Nevertheless, it’s not the game’s fault anymore. Good thing that they have a report button for it.

draw something


I think, there’s no need to post my sample sketches here, because you know, I may be proud for Draw Something, but I’m not proud of my own drawing.

playing draw something