Dutch Cafe In Filipiniana

I know not everyone of us is familiar with Dutch Cafe since it is not the kind of restaurant we usually see in malls and it is not located here in Manila. Someday, it may happen. You’ll never know because based on my experience in this cafe, it has a potential to grow. Anyway, Dutch Cafe is a mini cafe stationed inside the compound of Filipiniana Hotel. It offers great food and amazing drinks ranging from rice meals, heavy snacks, pastas, salads, coffees and frappes.

We already stayed in Dutch Cafe twice despite from the fact that I live far from Calapan, the city where it is located. I only get the chance to dine in here whenever I travel from my hometown, Pinamalayan, on my way to Manila since my route passes Calapan. As we take our lunch here one time, through observation, I discovered that Dutch Cafe is owned by a happy family, who has a cute baby playing at the counter. Aside from witnessing a relaxing vibe and modernly ambiance, we are really entertained because of their baby girl. Her parents are also accommodating as well as their crew. I can see that they are hands on to their business and I find it very inspiring.


Hazelnut Frappe

It’s obvious in this Hazelnut Frappe that java, frappes and other drinks are their specialties. I can say this and I’m sure of it because I already tried almost everything in their frappes menu. Of course, I had a sip on my friends’ drinks to compare and contrast. Surprisingly, they are all refreshing. There’s something in this drink that makes me want to come back. I actually want to come to Dutch Cafe now because the oozing chocolate syrup is currently calling me and my heart.



I expected a foam art on top of my coffee because it somehow gives an impression. Remember, cappuccino art also exists, not only latte art. That’s why among all the hot coffees, I usually choose Latte and Cappuccino because apart from having a perfect balance of coffee and milk, the pattern or the design on its surface brings me a simple joy. The taste of Dutch Cafe’s Cappuccino was indulging though. Thankfully, it calms me just like most of the cappuccinos out there.


Spicy Seafood Pasta

As I devour my first spoonful, or maybe forkful, of Dutch Cafe’s Spicy Seafood Pasta, all I can say was “Men, this is delish!” I love the touch of spices on it, which is honestly the reason why I appreciate the whole thing. Moreover, it’s mixed with a generous amount of seafood, my favorite! The pasta itself, the sauce used, the flavor of seafood and the spiciness – it all blended well. This Spicy Seafood Pasta definitely deserves a space on my list of favorites.


Spicy Olives and Anchovies

It isn’t obvious that we love their pasta too much since we had Spicy Seafood Pasta on our first visit and Spicy Olives and Anchovies on our second visit. We didn’t just order the same dish but we also ordered almost the same pasta with the same sauce and spice. The only difference I think is the main constituent. And I promise I just notice it after we ate. Well, it was lunch time and I can’t find a rice meal that can satisfy my cravings so I opted for this pasta.


Greek Salad

This resto is called Dutch Cafe yet they serve a salad in Greek cuisine! I don’t understand. My forehead’s forming wrinkles. Oh I was just joking. Anyway, when the salads were set on our table, our lunch was filled with freshness immediately. You can see on the veggies’ colors that they are newly picked. The greens are crispy, too. However, I tasted a Greek Salad that is just like the other Greek Salads. I hope they give this a little tweak so the customers can somehow identify or can say that this on is made by Dutch Cafe.


Caesar Salad

I have here my mother and her friend with me on my first visit in Dutch Cafe. Both of them are undergoing a game called Biggest Loser so that means, they are in control of the food that they take. This explains why there are two salads on our table during that time. Well, according to my mom, she can do better than this. If you remember, I shared the recipe of my mom’s version of Caesar Salad here. But upon checking the taste of Dutch Cafe’s Caesar Salad, it’s actually good for me. Just don’t mind my mom.


Double Cheese Burger

Based on my review, it seems that I like their food. However, no matter how fine the restaurant is or no matter how famous it is, there will always be one food that won’t gratify our palate. And in Dutch Cafe, for me, that is this double cheese burger. The patty is a bit dry and the cheese, which I can’t distinguish how it became double cheese, is not enough to moisten the patty. I already munched various kinds of burgers that’s why my standard on judging burgers is quite high.


Lasagna and Chocolate Milkshake

© Princess Alcayde

I just grabbed a photo of my friend’s snack time in Dutch Cafe! It looks like she’s also having fun here just like me. I actually asked her about her dining experience and she said that the place is cozy but there are parts that made her feel uncomfortable because of some furniture displayed that does not suit the theme. It was their delicious food, especially their lasagna, that keeps her from coming back. She also mentioned that this was taken when Dutch Cafe was still in San Vicente. Oh! That’s a good trivia there.

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