Everwing App Review

Everwing is the new craze, not of my Facebook friends, but of the whole community. Well, there’s no doubt about that since I’ve been receiving a lot of Everwing invites from my friends and I bet, you, too. I was first invited by my boyfriend. At that time, I wasn’t fully challenged yet. After gaining 200 to 300 points, I give up. But now, I’m triggered!

At work, we have a Messenger group chat and everyone in that group, including me, plays Everwing. There’s no escape because whoever has the lowest score in a particular day will wash the dishes for all of us on that day. See? Who wouldn’t play the game if that is the case? But the point I was trying to tell is the fact that Everwing has become the decision maker of our activities in life. That’s how addicted we are to the game.

Releasing Everwing on the instant games of Messenger was a great move by Blackstorm Labs since Messenger enables them to spread the game from user to user quickly. This is one of the reasons why many are hooked to it since it targets are certain sample that is big and influential. It can be played in your group, just like what we did, or only with a friend. But still, it stays a single-player game.

For those who do not know the game, which I think is impossible, Everwing is a vertical scrolling shooter game in which Guardians, together with their dragon sidekicks, fight against hordes of Monsters and Bosses in order to reclaim their kingdom. The players are in control of the Guardians by dragging them sideways.

For me, Everwing is a two-in-one game. Aside from shooting, it is also a catching game wherein the player’s aim is to catch as many coins and diamonds as he can since the points will be based on the number of coins and jewels he caught. Special items, which can help you through the game, also drops on the screen. Clovers increase your fire power. Magnet attracts items that hit the bubble for ten seconds. Mushroom doubles your fire power for ten seconds. Flower is good for a quick burst of coins. As players, you should prioritize these specials items before the coins.

However, a game is not always good since there are things that you should avoid like the meteors which fall randomly into the Guardian. Moreover, as your score increases, the difficulty also increases since the Monsters and Bosses approaching are getting stronger. What annoys me the most is the Monster that has the largest sundhed. He keeps on blocking me!

I know I’m still not on the expert level. I have friends whom I can’t defeat. But in my months of non-stop playing, I guess I learned tips and tricks that I can share for you. My tips are just simple so don’t expect that you’ll ace your group’s leader board. This will just help you to keep your life longer somehow.

First, whenever you encounter the Fluffy, one of the Bosses, you kill its part that is on the side of the screen last. In this way, the items that will drop from her will stack along the side and will be easier to catch. Second, when you meet Mildred, if you can, stay in the middle so you can directly hot her. Just pass between her bullets so you won’t get caught. When you encounter the Monster King, avoid staying at the edges or else, you will be trapped. When you meet the Monster Queen, try to kill the elements she summons first since these are easier to defeat. Once you killed the elements, you’ll have more time shooting the Monster Queen.

For your character, know the fairy that you want so your coins won’t be wasted from upgrading too much. In my case, my goal is to get Aurora and make her strong since she has a special power of attracting coins and items. First, I unlocked Lily so I can double the coin I’m getting. But I didn’t upgrade Alice too much because I won’t be using her anymore after I got Lily. I stopped upgrading Lily when she was already in level 25 because I want to earn coins so I can quickly unlock and upgrade Aurora. Again, know which fairy you want and don’t upgrade all of the fairies.

And lastly, don’t pressure yourself and just enjoy because Everwing is worth the joy.

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