Everything About Her Movie Review

everything about her movie review

Let me start this review by giving a quick summary of this Filipino comedy-drama film directed by Joyce E. Bernal because I can’t think of other ways to start it. So basically, it’s a story of a successful businesswoman named Vivian, played by Vilma Santos, who has a cold heart and full of pride. But behind her powerful aura and ability, she’s weak when it comes to her son Albert, played by Xian Lim, who wasn’t living with her. She learned that she was diagnosed with cancer so her doctor recommended Jaica, played by Angel Locsin, to be her private nurse. Her arrival changes everything about her, including her tough personality. Part of her job is to convince Albert to be with her mother again, wherein she became the bridge of the mother and the son. But it turned out that Jaica and Albert had the development, making the story more complicated. But through love, acceptance, humility and forgiveness, they were able to fix their lives – Vivian being free from cancer and Jaica and Alberto being married to each other. Well, that’s the conclusion we all expected.

Honestly, I have no plans watching this movie because I’m not into this type of story. Parent and a teenage child is a no for me. I don’t have a problem with my parents but I don’t know why. I just don’t feel them. But then, my mother wanted to and said that I have to watch this with her. Shocks! My initial thought was, maybe, she’ll just advise me and tell dos and don’ts while watching. But it didn’t happen since the movie showcases more about the faults of the mother, Vivian. So you can’t do what you’re planning, mama! Kidding aside, what made me watch it is my love for my mother. Oh! I’m so sweet. Also, I would like to add up points to my Eplus card. See how crazy I am? And of course, I would like to see the two Darnas work together. But the outro is that I watched Everything About Her with my mother that’s why I have this review.

For me, the story line isn’t that good or is it just me because I’m not into this kind as I said. But here are my points. One, the concept has small similarities with The Devil Wears Prada just like the terror boss and an employee and some of the lines. Two, I can’t see the chemistry between Angel and Xian though they manage to lift themselves up separately. And three, there are flaws in editing. Nonetheless, I like that it doesn’t just speak about love and family, but also life.

Despite of these critiques I gave, the characters made it vivid, confusing the audience if they should cry or laugh. The drama between them is intense and at the same time, they were able to mix it with witty punchlines and scenes. The Star for all Seasons is definitely a star here. Versatility, dedication and heart – why is it so easy for her to expose these three at a time? Everyone who works with the good governor falls in love with her beauty, charm, and professionalism. Angel, on the other hand, was so effective for her role. The way she brought comic relief and lightness to the story was astounding. With this movie, she just proves that she can play any role given to her. And they were right, Xian was a revelation. After a series of redundant romantic comedies from him, I’m impressed that he has leveled up. I think he’s more excellent in this kind of roles and I’m looking forward for more of this kind of Xian Lim.

I admit that I closed my mind on this movie at first, but as it runs, the message of Everything About Her is pushing the doors of my head. It has full of heart. And as mentioned, it’s a lesson of acceptance, forgiveness and humility and of love, family and life. Kudos to Joyce Bernal for giving us a heart-touching movie.

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