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If you know me and you have read my book and movie reviews in this site, then you probably know my routine which is reading before watching. Many prefer book versions since the story is told detail by detail which means readers will get attached to the characters more as their feelings and story progresses. Watching the movie version first will spoil that attachment. However, in Ex With Benefits, I don’t think that my decision to follow my routine is right. I should have watch it first before reading or watch it and never read the book at all.

After the movie was released, I saw a lot of complaints from the readers of the said book asking why are there changes. You know, guys, in adapting a book for a film, improvisation is necessary for it to become better. Now, if the whole story in book isn’t good, expect that the whole story in film will change. The best Wattpad movie example I can give you is Just The Way You Are, which is originally titled as The Bet. I also don’t know but I guess the reason behind the title change is the decrease of thrill because having The Bet as the title, people will already know where the story will revolve, so the thrill is gone. In the case of Ex with Benefits, I understand why the movie is completely different from its book.

First and foremost, the idea of having a story between two people who had a relationship in the past and now, are giving stuff that is so-called benefits, was fantastic! But the contents of it ruined the brilliance. The scenes are purely cliche and predictable. Aside from that, books should be in detail, right? In Ex with Benefits, it’s not. The author just told what happened with a little conversation in a chapter and then she’ll immediately proceed to the next. Even the climax and resolution of the plot was quick. I haven’t had the chance to savor or even feel it. It’s seems that author’s just spilling scuttlebutts to her unaffected friends.

In the side of the publisher, I hope that they have an editor who can polish the book from grammar to proper punctuation to correct usage of words. If there is, I hope that he’ll scan through the pages again because I saw a lot of corrections he missed. There are sentences that should have ended in a period or an exclamation point which is in interrogative form. And please reduce those pronouns. The characters should be also presented in every chapters so that the readers won’t get confused on identifying which characters are conversing in a certain part.

People say that I should accept it since the book is just made locally. No! It should be the other way around. We should upgrade it since it is Filipino-made! Why can’t we have that mentality instead?

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