Sunday is the best day for watching flicks. But for me, Sunday isn’t the best day for going outside and to cinemas because Sunday is my lazy day. But I’m so happy that I can watch a movie and stay at home at the same time. No! I don’t do that pirated thingy. I’m talking about Disney Channel, Star Movies, Fox Movies, HBO and Kapamilya Mega Blockbuster! And the last movie I caught from these programs is the Filipino action-comedy film, Extra Service. Just look at my outfit. I’m still in my sleepwear when I watched that!

Aw, Em and Gee are ex-convicts who became massage therapists after prison. However, they got an extra service which allows them to become secret agents. The three of them were tasked to embark on a top-level secret mission to retrieve the precious Perlas Ng Silangan in exchange for their lives and freedom. And that’s how the movie started. I’m not gonna spoil you on what will happen next. I’m hear to voice out my opinions about Extra Service.

I actually think that the concept is pretty amazing. Comparing to the previous movies of Star Cinema, Extra Service is somewhat original. But of course, if we compare this to international action films like Charlie’s Angels, the Philippine movie still has no originality. However, they ruined the plot by adding not-so-funny and not-really-witty scenes. It’s like they just made the movie for the sake of fun. At least, Star Cinema improved by one star. I just hoped that they just focused on the flick’s action side and removed comedy. With it, Extra Service seems like a parody of Charlie’s Angels.

When the movie started, I already had an initial feeling that the action roles won’t work for the three of them. Don’t get me wrong. I see how their acting skills improve and I admire their performance. However, I’m used to see them in romantic series and movies so I didn’t think that the genre is for them. I was right for Coleen Garcia and Jessie Mendiola because I still find a bit of their being pabebe. I cringe whenever they talk or act awkwardly. But I was surprised to see Arci Munoz slay. For me, she’s better in action than in romantic-comedy films. And that action look with her hair tied up into a ponytail suits her.

It seems that there is a part two. Well, I’m not planning to watch it in the cinema. The ticket is not worth it. Maybe, I’ll just wait it again in Kapamilya Mega Blockbuster if I had the chance.

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