DIY: Eye Shadow Nail Polish

eyeshadow nail polish

I felt like my room is getting smaller and crowded because of tons of stuff that lives here with me, or maybe, I shall call them trash. It’s very uncomfortable to move! So last Saturday, I decided to clean my room, removed the clothes that doesn’t fit anymore, threw scratched school papers, shot empty bottles of toiletries into the can, sent read books to our province and took away other useless things. However, I was in two minds whether I should include this old eye shadow or not. And then, my friend’s DIY popped up into my mind, recalling how to make an eye shadow nail polish.


1. Prepare the materials needed. This includes an eye shadow that you’re not using anymore, clear nail polish, toothpick and a small piece of paper.

eyeshadow nail polish step 1


2. Mince the eye shadow with the desired color using toothpick.

eyeshadow nail polish step 2


3. Make a funnel out of the small piece of paper. It would be better if you staple the ends.

eyeshadow nail polish step 3


4. Place the tip of the funnel directly to the opening of the clear nail polish bottle.

eyeshadow nail polish step 4


5. Pour the powdered eye shadow to the clear nail polish using the funnel.

eyeshadow nail polish step 5


6. Mix it very well.

eyeshadow nail polish step 6


7. It’s now time to prepare your nails. Clean it. Trim it. Buff it. Anything you want to do for it to get ready for its new look.

eyeshadow nail polish step 7


8. Paint two coats of your newly made nail polish to your nails

eyeshadow nail polish step 8


9. Apply top coat.

eyeshadow nail polish step 9


10. You can now enjoy the new color of your nails.

eyeshadow nail polish step 10

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