Feel The Moment With DLSU Aerobics

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Aerobics – a form of physical exercise that requires free oxygen to meet the energy demands of one’s body. Medicinenet said that aerobics occur when we’re working up a sweat and breathing hard while our heart is thumping and blood is coursing through our vessels to deliver oxygen to the muscles to keep us moving. Regular aerobic activity such as walking, bicycling or swimming can help us live longer and healthier because it affects our heart, lungs and blood flow.

Lucky are the Lasallians to have this kind of exercise during their Fitness and Wellness, their PE class. Aerobics has said to be the newest Physical Education program of DLSU. The photo above shows half the number of Freshmen in DLSU, dancing, exercising and doing aerobic routines during their Midterm Examination in Henry Sy grounds. The photo was taken by “The LaSallian”, the official student publication of DLSU. Don’t waste your time looking for me in the picture. I’m very tiny.

This video shows the practice of V26, one of the sections in DLSU froshies, on the first part of the aerobic routines for their Midterms Examination.

16 years, 7 months, 3 weeks and 3 days

This was the photo I posted in my Instagram and Facebook accounts after the said practical examination. In this picture, you can now see me, unlike in the first one. Oh I’m shy! Anyways, I really had fun in our FITWELL because, first, I enjoy dancing and second, aerobics is so awesome. The sweat and the breath that outflows my body was worth it.

This audio was the music we used while doing the aerobics. The song really fits our steps because aside from the fact that it is so high and energetic, the dancers will really “feel the moment.”

I suggest that you should also try doing some aerobics every morning or during your leisure time because it will really help you and your body and your health a lot. But the important reminder is “inhale and exhale” because that makes an aerobics.