Five Ways To Wear Blue Coat

Five Ways To Wear Blue Coat

Ditch those jackets and be fashionable this year with a blue coat! Yeah! I know we can’t get rid of jackets that easy. I understand that it’s our companion during chilly times. But that’s the problem. We only use them once a year. Coats are different outerwear. If you think that these are only appropriate during winter, think again because it’s actually flexible to any season. How? It all depends on the fabric. Of course, if it’s cold in your area, then go for heavier fabrics. Otherwise, choose the light ones. Aside from versatility, I love how it makes the outfit really stylish. In fact, many designers are offering us marvelous coats to wear from day to night. With a little tweaking, I had my own ideas of styling with coat. And since it’s summer here in our country during March, bright colors are better to equip. Scroll down to see my five ways to wear blue coat.


ways to wear blue coat 1

Whenever I have to dress in a formal attire, before getting my white button-down shirt, black suit, black pencil skirt and black slacks, I usually check the alternatives that can transform me into a chic despite of being formal. It’s a good thing that coats were invented because they have the ability to do that, especially when teamed up with pencil dress. Look at this! Since I don’t appear much authoritative with my OOTD, I feel free to glide, to stretch, to run and to whatever I want without awkwardness.

Bag: Louis Vuitton | Shoes: Mendrez


ways to wear blue coat 2

Having said that, who told you that coats are only for formal wears? That’s a myth! Yes, it gives formality to our OOTDs just like in the previous way I shared, but it’s not limited to these occasions only. Blue coats complements with shorts and sleeveless tops and if you want, you can play with its colors, too, as long as the combination seams good, just like what I have here – high-waisted shorts and pastel-colored sleeveless that contrasts the blueness of the coat. With this, I feel comfortably carefree and stylishly beautiful at the same time.

Shoes: Grendha


ways to wear blue coat 3

In my previous blog post, Five Ways to Wear White Tee, I also featured this pair where I added dimensions to my all-white inner wear, which is composed of white t-shirt and white pants, with this blue coat. And since I like this outfit and appreciate how the brightness of my coat breaks the drabness of the fabrics inside, I had this again here in Five Ways to Wear Blue Coat. I also wore white sandals to pop and highlight the material of the day, which is the blue coat.


ways to wear blue coat 4

Red and blue color combination are one of our all-time favorite looks. We love how we can totally transform a pair of jeans with a red plaid and a pair of sneakers. It’s business up the top and a party on the bottom. It’s sexy without being over the top, and it smartens up a casual look. Effects would be the same if we add a blue coat as an outerwear. With this OOTD, you should have minimal accessories. One leather watch will do. But I preferred none to keep this vibe.

Top: BNY | Pants: Dickies | Shoes: Fila


ways to wear blue coat 5

Layering is the number one purpose why outerwear like coats are created. As you can see on the earlier ways I presented, I just placed the blue coat on top of the four different clothes. But this time, we’re going to convert it into a top or a dress, perhaps. Simply wear your blue coat and close its buttons. Tadaaa! However, it would be better if you match it with neutral-colored pants or leggings or stockings and the same-colored shoes to complete the look. And again, since it is summer, don’t forget your shades!

Eyewear: Crissa | Shoes: Figlia

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