Follow the Line

Do you remember the game┬áPiano┬áTiles? Yes? That’s good because it has nothing to do with the game, Follow the Line. Kidding! If you like that game I’m sure you will like this, too. In fact, they are quite the same. If the main rule in Piano Tile is not to tap the white tile, here in Follow the Line, you don’t have to touch the edges. Meaning, you have to stay on the line. Aside from that, the players should also be swift just like in Piano Tiles.

Oh! I forgot to introduce what’s the game I’m talking about. With finger running as genre, Follow The Line is one of the top-performing free apps in Google Play. It is made by Crimson Pine Games that’s why this game reached its desired success. In this game, you have to guide a small ball while applying the rule I said earlier. If it seems easy for you, of course, it’s not, because the farther you reach, the faster it moves.

Follow the Line may be simple but fun, fast but challenging, because aside from the fast movement of what’s on the screen, there are also several obstacles as you keep running. As you play, the number of obstacles and increase and new maze are unlocked when you reached a certain distance. I love this idea for it provides new thrill for the players. Look at the mazes below and think of ways on how you can pass these using your finger in just a second. Exciting, right?


This game is truly made to kill bored people’s time. Even busy people find time just to play this application. I could still remember the time after I downloaded the game because the joy that it gives forces me to play it for the remaining hours of the day. Imagine a day of non-stop playing! That’s addiction. And yes, I admit that I’m hooked into this game. I bet you’ll be the same when you start playing it. Don’t worry. Follow the Line deserves our time.

playing follow the line


with Follow the Line