Food That Are Not For Dogs

Is your dog feeling sick or sluggish? Does he vomits or poops continuously? Then, perhaps, he ate something that is not for him. If you are a dog lover and you own one, then you should be aware of the food that are allowed or not allowed for your pet. We know dogs. They’ll eat whatever they want to eat. So as masters, you should guide them on their diet. You should learn to say no whenever they are begging for food even they are enchanting you with your puppy eyes. And most of all, you should be reminded of these food that are not for dogs.



I think I don’t have to remind you anymore that chocolate is a poison for dogs and can lead to their death. But why is that? We are so in love with chocolates but our pups can’t do the same. Chocolate has theobromine that can produce muscle tremors, seizures, an irregular heartbeat, internal bleeding or a heart attack.



Are you sure that you’re not giving cheese to your dog? Have you thought that Mac and Cheese has cheese? And the cheeseburger you are offering also has cheese in it. So yeah! We should stop treating them cheese or dishes with cheese with it because they are high in fat and calories.



You read that right. But I’m talking about the uncooked one. I discovered that there are owners who feed their dogs with raw chicken. Why? Did they know that it can bring salmonella to their dogs? Cooked chicken is safe for them but my family don’t feed our dogs with chicken regardless if its cooked or not. The small bones of chicken can choke dogs.



Your dogs are not cats. They are not as brilliant as cats when it comes to deboning a fish. Apart from that, we believe that it’s the fish that made the scabies on our dogs. Well, fishes are actually allowed for dogs for as long as its bones are out, it’s not raw and it’s pure fish meat.



My family usually feed our dogs sugar when they accidentally eat the wrong food such as chicken or when they look sluggish. They say that sugar is dog’s life saver. But when I checked the internet, I found out that it’s the opposite. If the sugar you feed becomes too much, it can cause their blood sugar to drop.


Onion and Garlic

According to Pet Poison Helpline, the small amount of garlic sometimes found in dog treats is unlikely to be harmful to dogs. However, if cats or dogs ingest a tasty pan of sautéed onions, garlic, or leeks, poisoning may result. The ingestion of large numbers of garlic pills or powder may also cause poisoning.



I haven’t tried or even thought of giving eggs, no matter how it’s cooked or prepared, to my dogs. Maybe, I’m used not to give them chicken so I’m also not giving them eggs. But in actuality, dogs are allowed to eat eggs since eggs are great source of protein. Just make sure that they are cooked well because raw egg is a no no for them.



If caffeine makes human palpitate, what more can it do to animals. If for us, coffee is an energizer, for dogs, coffee is a poison. It gives same effects as chocolates. Therefore, coffee isn’t good for mutts. After all, dogs do not have office works or school works every night for you to keep him awake with coffee.


Human Medicines

Human medicines, even the syrup ones, that cures you doesn’t mean it can also cure your furry friend. There are ingredients in human medicines that are not for dogs. Therefore, if there is something wrong about your pups or if you want them to take vitamins, it’s better to visit his vet so they can give them the right medicines.



One time, I was eating chilimansi-flavored pancit canton and at the same time, playing with my Pomeranian and Maltese. My Pomeranian is so active and naughty so I gave him a tiny slice of chili from my canton. I failed because he didn’t eat it. But my sweet Maltese tried it and he was sneezing for the rest of the night. I was so sorry!

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