Okay. Almost everyone in the class is busy swiping something on their phones’ screens. I’m guessing that it’s a game with letter in it because I see circles and letters in it. Am I out of date? I think I’m just concentrating on my studies to the point that I couldn’t see what’s trending around me today so I’m sorry.But despite of my great focus on school stuff, I still need to spend my life. I need to stay on what is in today. I need to know this game. And I need to share to you. By the way, before I proceed, let me tell you that I’m not as studious as you think so don’t take my words on it seriously.

By watching my classmates, I already know how to play the game. The player have to form a four-letter word from the scrambled four letters that flashes on the screen. In order to have your entry, you have to swipe from letter to letter as you spell out the word you formed. However, you have to be as fast as a second because the clock is ticking. Your aim here is to make as many words as you can before running out of time since higher number of words means higher score. Simple! It’s really simple which explains why I got the game play easily. But it’s the name of the game I didn’t know that time.

Because I really want to try the new application myself, I have to find it myself on Play Store. I can’t ask them because as I said, they’re busy. Using the keywords I got, I assumed that it is Four Letters, One Word. But it shows something like Four Pics, One Word. I tried Four Letters and there you go. Now, I’m one of those people whom I call busy people. We’re supposed to do our school works but we’re hooked and can’t stop playing. But it’s definitely worth the time as it pays us thrill, fun and information.

Four Letters is not as easy as you think. It’s actually hard yet it’s challenging making it highly addictive, very entertaining and supremely informative. The game stretches our vocabulary to find words that can beat our own high score. Although the words only consist of four letters, I was able to learn new words here. I had a very nice experience when I play this game. Kudos to the minds behind this.

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