Frozen Nail Art

Snow flake nail art

Christmas is coming! Are you ready? Oh yes, while your nails are not. Why not style them with Christmas theme designs so that you’ll completely have a chilly Christmas. With this Frozen-inspired nail art, your nails can also intervene the spirit of Christmas. Just follow the instructions below. But take note, you can disregard the photos because honestly, I think, I don’t made it perfectly because my nails are imperfect. Oops, sorry! But you can still try it on your own. Enjoy!

1. Prepare your nails. Clean it. Trim it. Buff it. Anything you want to do for it to get ready for its new look.

© Janecel Jamig
© Janecel Jamig


2. Paint two coats of red polish and let it dry.

© Janecel Jamig


3. Draw an asterisk using a white nail pen or white nail polish and a thin brush.

© Janecel Jamig


4. Draw small V’s at four nonconsecutive end points of the asterisk.

© Janecel Jamig


5. End your nail art with top coat.

© Janecel Jamig


6. Enjoy the new chilling look of your nails. Merry Christmas!

© Janecel Jamig


© Total Girl

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