The Given Letter Challenge

For the whole weekend, I spent my time playing a game or a challenge that I called Given Letter Challenge. The challenge doesn’t really have a name but I call it that way since the game starts with a given letter from your Facebook friend. It goes this way. If you see your Facebook friend posted a Given Letter Challenge in his timeline, which states the given letter, his crush, food and song, you have to comment down his suggested word under his post. Then, he will give you a new letter and you will do the same way, same pattern on your timeline. I really enjoyed playing the game even it’s too simple because I find it challenging when they give me a hard letter. It’s like playing PANTS! So I compiled my Given Letter Challenge posts here and completed all the letters in the alphabet. Let’s start the fun!


Oh yes! I really have a crush on myself. It feels like I’m a lesbian whenever I see myself in the mirror. Just kidding! I chose ampalaya, Filipino term for bitter gourd, since it is very timely because there are a lot of bitter people out there. Akin Ka Na Lang is a Himig Handog P-pop 2014 entry given life by my favorite local singer, Morissette Amon.


No, I don’t have a crush on Bentong! He’s just the first man that came into my mind. It’s Bob the minion! He’s just so cute! This is when banana came into my mind as food. Ba ba ba ba ba banana! Do I have to explain the songs I gave? Break Free and Bang Bang from Ariana Grande! Yay!


OMG Cross! James Reid first role! Expect my crush to be related to James Reid because he is really my celebrity crush. Cake – okay, there’s nothing funny there. And for the song, Cadillac song by Ariana Grande again.


The one on the parenthesis is my note for my Facebook friend who gave me the letter, saying what’s with letter D, I wonder. JM de Guzman is another celebrity crush of mine since his Angelito days. D is for donut or doughnut that’s good enough for me. Daydreamin’ is Ariana Grande’s again. Sorry for the misspelling!


EA’s not my crush, but he’s cute so yeah. Before egg, the first thing that came into my mind was elephant meat. Sorry! Is there a such food? I hope there’s nothing. I know there’s a song named Everything but I want an Ariana Grande song so I chose My Everything without My.


I really do love fries that’s why I wrote it twice on food and crush. It’s just that I find love on food especially fries! I know Pinoys are aware of the song, Finally. Finally, Ariel happened to me!


I’ll really make way to put James Reid! I added gwapo, which means handsome, there. Gulay for food – you know I don’t want that. Give It Up – it’s another song from Ariana Grande. That’s how I love her! It’s a music from the hit TV show, Victorious.


I just translated my crush on G here! They both have the same meaning and same person. Shocks! Hamburger – I’m hungry. Honeymoon Avenue again from Ariana!


Ikaw or you – we don’t know who’s the you I’m pointing out. Ice cream for food! Yay! I don’t know if there’s a song named I but I guess there is.


At last, I stated my his name the right way. I love you James Reid! I’m lucky that I’m drinking a juice when I posted this that’s why I easily found a food for J. Let’s just pretend that juice is a food. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart is one of the tracks from Ariana Grande’s My Everything.


I told you, it’s always James. Kalabasa, or squash, is love especially when it is made as a soup. And let’s just pretend that Break Free starts from K.


There’s another note to my letter sender saying that it’s from Megan. If you’re really close to me, you already know that Lance Mariano is my crush. But sadly, he’s just a fictional crush from my favorite Wattpad book, Sadist Lover. I really have a crush on him until now and forever, even there’s no forever. Lugaw is the first food that came into my mind. But of course, it won’t be complete without egg. And see how I love Ariana Grande. The songs I gave are always from her.


My Facebook friends always give me this letter. Ugh! It’s because of some private reasons. By the way, I didn’t name that M person they want to see on my crush. Instead, it’s Mames Reid! You won’t allow that? Then, I go for Medina, Clark, James Reid’s character on On The Wings Of Love. On the other hand, I chose mangga, mango in English, and My Everything for food and song respectively.


I laughed so hard when my friends keep on wondering who Nikko John Borja was. It’s James Reid’s name on their movie, Para Sa Hopeless Romantic! I remember that I was eating nuts yesterday so I wrote it here. And No Air is one of my favorite revivals from Glee.


Clark Medina is my favorite James Reid role. It’s his most handsome role, you know. I won’t forget Oreo cookies because I always make and bake foods with Oreo as a main ingredient. I absolutely love the Kyla’s version of the song, On the Wings of Love, theme song of James Reid newest TV series. Kyla’s melodic voice was so good to my ears in this song.


I heard that Paul Ruiz was one of James Reid’s character. I admit that I’m not familiar with that. At least, it is still James. I don’t know it is pata! It should be potato! Let’s just pretend that we read potato. And song from Ariana Grande again!


Mark wants me to suffer, huh? I’ll always find way. Qt na si James actually means cute James. Here in the Philippines, we usually type cute as qt for shortcut. I also remember myself eating quail eggs yesterday along with nuts. Ariana Grande still has no song that start from letter Q! I’m glad that Quando Quando Quando by Michael Buble came into my mind.


I still haven’t posted this since no one sent me letter R. Anyways, I just replaced the first and last name of my crush from P. They’re just the same. Rice – I eat it everyday. Right There by Yours Truly! I mean, it’s Right There fro Ariana Grande’s album, Yours Truly.


It’s James Reid again. Don’t be tired of seeing his name here, please? Anyways, Si is Filipino article so I started with it. Siomai, siopao, suman is actually a Filipino tongue twister, but since they are all foods, I wrote it there. And lastly, I just generalized the songs to make my job here easier.


Okay, I haven’t posted it when I captured it just like letter R. By the way, Timothy Odelle Pendleton is also my Wattpad crush from Talk Back and You’re Dead, and also at the same time, is one of James Reid’s character that’s why I placed his nickname, Top, beside crush. Tapsilog and Tocilog are famous Filipino dishes which means tapa and itlog and tocino and itlog respectively.


U! You! Are you happy? I even sang Bahay Kubo just to find a food starting with U. And Rihanna’s song flicked into my mind.


I’m sorry for the things I wrote up there. It’s really getting harder and harder as we get nearer and nearer to the end of the alphabet.


Let me be a jejemon for a while so that I can spell Gwapo as Wafu. Wafung si James! Watermelon – yeah, my favorite fruit. Thank You, Ariana Grande, for having a song named Why Try.


I’m sorry for mentioning Ericka Villongco. It’s just that she’s James Reid’s ex-girlfriend. I don’t know what to write on food and song. Shocks! Let’s just eat x-ray so that it can be a food. And for Ariana Grande, please make a song named x-ray so that this will be considered.


I’m really out of my mind now that’s why I just wrote You as my crush. I’ll eat you as my food. I guess, there’s a song called You, right?



I don’t know what to write anymore!


We already completed the alphabet but my crazy friend sent me this letter, Ng, a Filipino letter. Ugh! My note for the letter sender there says that there’s nothing more that can defeat its difficulty. But for the sake of fun, I accepted the challenge and I didn’t killed the joy.