Gradient Nail Art

gradient nail polish

According to the dictionary, gradient is the inclined part of a road or railway or a slope. But in art, a color gradient specifies a range of position-dependent colors, usually used to fill a region. Okay! I just don’t know how to start this so I encoded the definition of gradient. But I’m sure you want this faded effect on your nails because I feel the same way, too. I can’t explain its brilliance. At first sight, you’ll wonder how it was painted and was combined in such a manner since there’s no nail polish than can color that way. Well, keeping reading this article means finding it out.


1. Prepare your nails. Clean it. Trim it. Buff it. Anything you want to do for it to get ready for its new look. It may sound weird but I also want you to prepare a glue and an eye shadow sponge. We have something to do with that.

gradient nail polish step 1


2. Please don’t be surprise if I let you apply glue around your nails. You’ll understand later. Make it dry without sticking them together.

gradient nail polish step 2


3. While drying, get the eye shadow sponge and paint the top part of the sponge with the first color of nail polish you want. Mine was white.

gradient nail polish step 3


4. Immediately put the second color of nail polish at the bottom of the first color.

gradient nail polish step 4


5. Damp your nails with the colored sponge.

gradient nail polish step 5


6. End your nail art with a top coat.

gradient nail polish step 6


7. Now, release the glue stuck around your nails. Removing the glue shall omit the surpassing nail polish.

gradient nail polish step 7


8. Enjoy the new look of your nails.

gradient nail polish step 8

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