Guess that animal

How well do you know about animals? I just took this quiz on funtrivia and I had fun. I think I’m acting like a child again. It’s because they’re just simple questions that can be answered by a kid. But my purpose on posting this is just to entertain you, perhaps. So how well do you know about animals? In this guess what animal I am game, we will know.

1. I’m the largest animal to have ever lived. My tongue alone weighing something around 2.7 tonnes. I can fit about 90 tonnes of water in my mouth. Despite that, I can’t swallow anything much bigger than a beach ball. What am I?

blue whale


2. I’m the largest wild canine still alive today. In some places, I am hunted for sport or to keep me away from livestock, but in others I’m protected. What am I?



3. In cartoons I am usually colored pink and have a curly tail. I usually live on a farm and like to roll around in the mud. What am I?



4. I’m a fish covered in orange and white stripes, and has a name that sounds like it could work at a circus. What am I?



5. I’m an animal that can change color to match my surroundings. What am I?



6. I can wear shoes just like you. I’ll let you ride me, too, but only if you have a saddle. What am I?



7. I’m turning into a nocturnal creature. I have wings, so I’m pretty sure that I’m some sort of bird. I mainly hunt for insects and small mammals. What am I?



8. I’m a large feline mammal. I’m not the fastest nor the strongest but I am the biggest of the felines. My coat is very distinctive, so you’ll know me if you see me. What am I?



9. I am the tallest, but not heaviest, land mammal. I have a long neck to pluck leaves off the high trees. What am I?



10. A fox is hunting me. I mainly feed on grass. I can jump far thanks to my strong legs. I also have long ears. What am I?



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