guide for confession
As what Pope Francis said, confession is the sacrament of the tenderness of God. It is his way of embracing us. To make a good confession, prepare well beforehand by praying with this examination of conscience. Confess your sins honestly to the priest and be sure to ask for help if you need it. He wants to help you. Listen carefully to the penance that you are given and complete it as soon as possible afterwards, so that you won’t forget. Before confession, deeply examine your brokenness by examining yourselves with the following guide questions.
  • Have I gone to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation?
  • Did I participate in the Mass or did I daydream or focus on others?
  • Have I prayed everyday?
  • Have I been rebellious toward God and His commands?
  • Have I misused the Lord’s the Lord’s name by swearing and/or cursing?
  • Have I been actively trying to overcome my sins and become a better person, with God’s help?
  • Have I seriously entertained doubts about my faith?
  • Have I been rebellious, disobedient or disrespectful to my parents, teachers or other authorities?
  • Have I lied to my parents or to others?
  • Have I been stubborn or moody?
  • Have I talked back to my parents or those in authority?
  • Have I gotten angry or nurtured and held grudges and resentments?
  • Have I forgiven all who have wronged me or with whom I have had a grudge?
  • Have I cultivated a hatred?
  • Have I engaged in sexual fantasies?
  • Have I tried to control my thoughts?
  • Have I looked at others lustfully?
  • Have I read pornographic literature or looked at the pornographic pictures, shows or movies?
  • Have I committed any impure acts alone or with others?
  • Have I lustfully kissed or sexually touched someone?
  • Have I had a sexual intercourse?
  • Have I gossiped or told lies about others?
  • Have I mocked or made fun of others?
  • Have I engaged in fights or other acts of violence?
  • Have I cheated on schoolwork, games or any other way?
  • Have I stolen anything?
  • Have I paid it back or returned what was stolen?
  • Have I been selfish or spiteful toward others?
  • Have I been jealous?
  • Have I gotten drunk or taken drugs?
  • Have I participated in anything that is of the occult: oija boards, fortune tellers, seances, channeling, astrology, palm-reading or psychics?
  • Have I been patient, kind, gentle and self-controlled?
  • Have I driven aggressively or otherwise tried to intimidate others on the road?
  • When my conscience told me to do something good, did I do it or did I ignore it?
After confession. you may go to a prayer room or prayer space where you could pray for your penance. End your prayer by thanking God for His love and mercy. Go in peace as you receive the loving forgiveness of God.

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