Yesterday, I just let Youtube play videos in autoplau mode as I always do when I’m bored until it flashes a full movie. I wasn’t familiar with Happy Breakup the Movie but Donnalyn Bartolome’s voice caught me. Before resuming the film, I added a new tab and watched its trailer so I can have a little background about Happy Breakup the Movie. I found the trailer adorable and the plot fresh so I continued playing the movie through Youtube. After all, Donalyn Bartolome herself uploaded the full movie so I think I’m not stealing anything¬†here.

It was really Donalyn’s natural acting that brought me until the end of the show. She acts Valentine’s character as if it was her life story which made me guess that she’s also bubbly in person. I don’t know if these stuff are true because I’m not a fan and I didn’t know her well. But one thing’s sure. She did a great job as well as the members of Wacky family and her best friend, Kelly Welt. It seems that they are all just enjoying their work. But apart from them, I think there are better-acting celebrities for the roles of Nicole, Carly, Helga and even Dale. Don’t get me wrong. Paul Salas is a brilliant actor but the character doesn’t just work for him.

I was expecting an inferior flick than this given that Philippine cinema is getting worst for its cliches. But its quite creative story line was able to level it up. Happy Break Up The Movie is telling an experience of a woman whose boyfriend is a celebrity. One secret of showbiz is the fact that celebrities keep their real-life partner from public so they can gain fame with their on-screen partner and this is what the film tells the audience. I can somehow relate because there is point in time where someone from showbiz advised me not to expose my boyfriend in public so I can be famous but of course, I didn’t comply. Besides, I’m not into showbiz. I just want to have a sideline and experience.

And in the break up part, I know a lot of us can relate to this. I love that this movie serves as a lesson to those people who are in the moving on stage. It reminds¬†us that even our relationship with our partner ended, our relationship with our family and friends do not. It’s alright to cry at first but never stay miserable for the rest of your life. Wake up and appreciate those people who truly loves you.

Although the story itself is beautiful, I must say that it still needs improvement on its cinematography. The sounds, including the recording, is too bad. There is no consistency on the volume of the recording and the character’s voices was not properly adjusted to their respective movements of mouth. Moreover, I noticed that a scene has many changes of angles. For their information, it is not good to watch. Overall, it seems that this is only a professional high school project. In other words, I’ll give it an excellent score if I’ll use my high school standards.